Nelson's Abridgement, London, 1725

Long Title: An abridgment of the common law : being a collection of the principal cases argued and adjudged in the several courts of Westminster-hall. The whole being digested in a clear and alphabetical method under proper heads, with several divisions and numbers under each title ... whereby the opinion and judgment of the courts may be seen in an exact series of time, and what alterations have been made in the law by subsequent statutes and judgments, brought down to the year 1725 (Volume 2 of 3)
Author(s): William Nelson
Published: London, 1725
Publisher: R. Gosling, W. Mears
Language: English
Notes: 3 volumes ; 36 cm
Subject Classification: Common Law
Format: Folio
Purchase Location: London
In 1825 Jefferson Manuscript Catalogue? Yes, exact edition