Yoko Ono is Sued Over Royalties for John Lennon’s Final Albums

In April 1984, music producer Jack Douglas sued Yoko Ono in civil court. The jury sided with Douglas, who contended Ono had not paid him over $2.5 million in royalties owed for his collaboration on “Double Fantasy” and “Milk and Honey,” John Lennon’s final albums.

The founder of Rolling Stone magazine saw Ida Libby Dengrove sketching in the courtroom and offered to buy one of her drawings. Ono informed him that the drawings were spoken for. A week later, Ono invited Dengrove over to discuss purchasing the sketches. Ono was as impressed by Ida Libby’s art as Ida Libby was of Ono’s antiques: “The apartment seemed like a museum with an eclectic gathering of items of unbelievable taste for classic design and color . . .” The women had tea and cake, listened to music, and discussed art. Ida Libby found Ono a pleasant hostess, but “[i]t was obvious that Yoko still suffered from the loss of her husband.”