Biographical Information

James Vorenberg graduated from the Law School in 1951 when he went to clerk to Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter, private attorney, special assistant to the U.S. Attorney General and associate special prosecutor during Watergate.

Vorenberg started his career in the office of the general counsel of the secretary of the Air Force. After three years there, he moved on to serve as Frankfurter's clerk. One of Vorenberg's responsibilities in Frankfurter's office was to act as chauffeur. "Frankfurter and Dean Acheson used to walk to Acheson's office every day. On nice days, I used to pick Frankfurter up at Acheson's office. On rainy days, I used to drive them both to work. But on threatening days, I used to drive slowly and out of sight behind them so I could pick them up if it started to rain," Vorenberg explains.

Vorenberg came out of Frankfurter's office with an interest in corporate law and joined the Boston law firm of Ropes and Gray, where he became a partner in 1960. At Ropes and Gray, Vorenberg worked with general business, corporate transactions and proxy fights.

He passed away on April 12, 2000.