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Title: Brandon L. Garrett Collection of Criminal and Death Penalty Trial Transcripts
Accession: MSS 2017-02
Description: 65 archival boxes (26 linear ft.)
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Collection Description & Arrangement

This collection of copies of trial transcripts for criminal state trials from Virginia, Missouri, Texas, and various other states was donated to the Law Library by Professor Brandon L. Garrett in August of 2017.  Due to the sensitive content of these papers the collection has the following guidelines and restrictions:

1. Case documents and/or direct quotations may be used to illustrate final reports or other publications but will not contain any identifying victim or witness information.  All quotations will be exact reproductions and will contain citations to the record.

2. Names of crime victims and witnesses that are discovered through this resource will not be used or documented in any way, nor will any attempt to contact them be made, with the following exception. Witnesses who testified in their professional capacity (e.g., attorneys, police officers, laboratory analysts, experts, etc.) are not subject to the same protections and may be contacted.

3. For trials involving later-exonerated defendats, that person's background and personal information, including educational, family, medical, and psychiatric history, etc. will not be used or documented, except to state whether mental health issues or mitigating evidence was raised at trial. This restriction applies to, but is not limited to, all documents in the DNA Exoneree Trails Series.

4. Materials in this collection cannot be reproduced.

5. Researchers will be asked to sign a "Researcher Registration Form."

Acquisition Information

Date Received 2018

Content List

Box 1
  • Virginia v. Earl Washington Junior; no identification of case number; Culpeper County General District Court, 6/30/1983 - Preliminary Hearing; Testimony from Jessie L. Jackson and Curtis Reese Wilmore (1 folder)
  • Virginia v. Earl Washington Junior, Unknown, Unknown, 1982-1983 - Plaintiff's exhibits; 3 Certificates of Analysis; Culpeper Police Incident Report (1 folder)
  • Virginia v. Earl Washington Junior, No. 52-F-83; Culpeper Circuit Court; August 1983 - April 1984 - Transcript of court proceedings; pp. 1-890, (2 folders) Contains Restricted Materials
  • Virginia v. Earl Washington Junior; No. 840776; Supreme Court of Virginia, 3/20/1984 - Statement of the Nature of the Case and of the Material Proceedings in the Lower Court (1 folder)
  • Earl Washington Junior v. Edward Murray; No. 89-4013; Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, undated - Joint Appendix (folders 1-3 of 5).

Box 2
  • Earl Washington Junior v. Edward Murray;  No. 89-4013; Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, undated - Joint Appendix (folders 4-5).
  • Earl Washington Junior v. Edward Murray; No. 89-4013:  Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, March - April, 1990 - Brief for the Commonwealth, Brief of Appellant, Reply Brief of Appellant
  • Virginia v. Xenia Uzelia Morgan; no identification of case number; Halifax County Circuit Court, July 19-20, 2005 - Transcript of Court Proceedings (2 folders)

Box 3
  • Virginia v. Marcus Valentino Garrett; No. CR05-2976; City of Virginia Beach Circuit Court; 10/1-3, 2008 - Keyword Index, Transcript of Court Proceedings (3 folders)
  • Virginia v. Jason Andrew James; CR06-3045-00F; CR06-3046-00F; CR06-3047-00F; County of Henrico Circuit Court,  January 22-23, 2007 - Trial Transcript 
  • Virginia v. Ted Carter; CR09-0217; CR09-00228; CR09-2271; City of Virginia Beach Circuit Court; 2/16/2011 - Transcript of Proceedings, Keyword Index 
Box 4
  • Virginia v. Carl Lee Walton; CR06-0407; CR07-2475; City of Virginia Beach Circuit Court,  10/13/2009 - Transcript Volume I; Testimonies of D. Painter and C. Coyle; Keyword Index
  • Virginia v. Carl Lee Walton; CR06-0407; CR07-2475; City of Virginia Beach Circuit Court; 10/14/2009 - Transcript Volume II; Testimonies of R. Stewart, K. Sumner, M. Fernheimer, C. L. Walton, W. J. Cooke,: Defendant's Exhibits 3 and 4, Keyword Index 
  • Virginia v. Carl Lee Walton; CR06-0407; CR07-2475; City of Virginia Beach Circuit Court; 10/15-16, 2009 - Transcript Volumes III and IV; Testimonies of V. M. Grover, B. K. Seabold, Keyword Index
  • Virginia v. Carl Lee Walton,; CR06-0407; CR07-2475; City of Virginia Beach Circuit Court; October 19-20, 2009 - Transcript Volumes V and VI; Testimonies of M. Massey, I Walton, M. Painter, F. LaGarde; B. LaGarde, M. Benko, W. Painter, Carmen Walton, C.  Walton, Jr.; Keyword Index

Box 5
Virginia v. John Moses Ragin; No. 0118-12; No. 01122-12; No. 01126-12; No. 01178-12; No. 001180-12;City of Newport News Circuit Court; 01/31/2013, 2/11/2013 - Transcript of Proceedings.

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