Certified record of the proceedings of Lackland v. Dorsey, transcribed by John Gwinn, Clerk of the Court of the State of Maryland.  Lackland sued Dorsey for trespass on the case, alleging that on November 10, 1789, Dorsey agree to sell "a negro named Will" to Lackland for the sum of 100 pounds.  Dorsey falsely asserted that he owned Will, but after the sale it was determined that Will was a freeman.  Lackland sued seeking 200 pounds in damages.  The transcript describes the writ of habeas corpus filed by Dorsey's attorney, William Owings, and the progression of the case, which ended in a jury trial and a guilty verdict.  The court affirmed damages recommended by the jury in the amount of 127 pounds, 1 shilling, 8 pence - or 1638 pounds of tobacco.

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