Law School faculty pictured 1960 - 1961. First row: Hardy C. Dillard Class of 1927 fourth Dean of the School of Law [1963-1968]; Carl McFarland; Thomas M. Boyd Class of 1923; F. D. G. Ribble Class of 1921 [1939-1963]; Charles P. Nash Class of 1925; Charles O. Gregory; A. J. Gustin Priest. Second row: Kenneth R. Redden Class of 1940; M. Lindsey Cowen Class of 1947; Mortimer M. Caplin Class of 1940; Frances Farmer Law Librarian; Patterson; Marion K. Kellogg; Emerson Spies sixth Dean of the School of Law [1976-1980]. Third row: John C. McCoid II; George R. St. John; Peter C. Manson; Edward A. Mearns Jr. Class of 1958; Cornelius F. Murphy Jr.; Daniel J. Meador; Neill H. Alford.