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Creator: Dillard, Hardy Cross
Title: Addendum to the Papers of Hardy Cross Dillard [i]
Accession: MSS 84-8i
Parent Collection: The Papers of Hardy Cross Dillard
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Location: Special Collections
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This addition to the Papers of Hardy Cross Dillard contains miscellaneous subject files, most notably a folder documenting Dillard's views on school segregation. There are also correspondence files, including letters of condolence Mrs. Dillard received after Hardy's death in 1982. In addition there are diplomas, awards and decorations, as well as over 40 photographs. These materials are followed by three boxes of Dillard's published materials. 

Biographical & Historical Information

Hardy Cross Dillard was born in New Orleans in 1902, the second son of Dr. James H. Dillard and Avarene Budd Dillard. Dr. Dillard, a professor of mathematics, literature and classics, also served as dean at Tulane University. In 1911 the family moved to Paris where Hardy learned French and received his early schooling. Later the family settled in Charlottesville, and Hardy spent most of his preparatory school years at Virginia Episcopal School in Lynchburg. After one year at the University of Virginia, he transferred in 1920 to the U.S. Military Academy. Upon graduation in 1924, he returned to the University of Virginia to study law.

During his law school years, Hardy was an outstanding student and an editor of the Virginia Law Review. After graduation in 1927, he accepted the invitation to serve as acting professor at the Law School for a couple of years. He then spent a year practicing law in New York and a year as a Carnegie Endowment Fellow at the University of Paris before returning to teach law at Virginia where he would remain a member of the faculty until retirement in 1968. Dillard taught and wrote on the subjects of contracts, international law, and jurisprudence, among others. In time he became one of the best loved and most respected members of the Law School community in the twentieth century. In 1963 he began a five-year term as dean. A couple of years after his retirement he was appointed judge on the International Court of Justice at The Hague where he served until 1979.

In tandem with his career in legal education, Dillard had a military career. In 1942 he offered his service to the U.S. Army and quickly achieved the rank of colonel, serving in Europe and the Far East. For many years after the war, he held various advisory positions at the National War College and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

During the turbulent years following the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education, Dillard took a leadership role in opposing Virginia's advocates of massive resistance. In 1955 he argued for the defense before the Virginia Supreme Court in Almond v. Day, a case testing the legality of laws giving veterans' orphans grants to be used for either public or private schooling. Virginia's Comptroller Day had refused to pay these grants on the grounds that they were unconstitutional, and the Court agreed. Through the 1960s Dillard worked determinedly in support of the integration of Virginia's public schools.

Hardy Dillard married Janet Schauffler, and they had a daughter, Joan, and a son, Hardy. Janet died in 1970, and two years later Hardy married Valgerdur Dent. He died in Charlottesville in 1982.


Chronology of Hardy Cross Dillard's Life
1902 Born in New Orleans, Louisiana on 23 October to James Hardy and Avarene Lippincott Budd Dillard
1911-1912 Lived in France and attended a French Lycee
1915-1916 Attended high school in Charlottesville, Virginia
1916-1919 Attended and graduated from Virginia Episcopal School, Lynchburg, Va.
1919-1920 Attended University of Virginia
1920-1924 Attended and graduated from United States Military Academy
1924-1927 Attended and graduated from University of Virginia Law School
1926 Summer law clerk, Price, Smith and Spillman, Charleston, W. Va.
1927 Admitted to Virginia Bar
1927-1929 Acting Assistant Professor, University of Virginia Law School
1928 Travelled in England, France, Italy and Algiers
1929-1930 Practiced law at Gregg and Church, New York, N.Y.
1930-31 Carnegie Endowment Fellow, (Faculte de droit,) University of Paris
1931-1933 Acting assistant (associate?) professor, University of Virginia Law School
1932, -33 Summer associate, Davis, Polk, Wardell, Gardiner and Reed, New York, N.Y.
1933-38 Associate Professor, University of Virginia School of Law
1934 Married Janet Gray Schauffler
1935 Birth of Joan Jarvis Dillard
1937-1940 Assistant Dean, University of Virginia Law School
1937-1940 Advisory Editor, Virginia Quarterly Review
1938-1970 Professor, University of Virginia Law School
1937 Birth of Hardy Schauffler Dillard
1938- 1942 Director, Institute of Public Affairs
1942 Major, U.S. Army; promoted to Lt. Colonel, same year
1942-1945 Received command and staff assignments in Europe and Far East; awarded Legion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster and Bronze Star Medal
1943 Promoted to Colonel, U.S. Army
1943-1944 Director of Academic Instruction, School for Military Government
1946 First Director of Studies, National War College
1947-1950 Consultant, Brookings Institution
1947 Resumed teaching at University of Virginia Law School
1948 Colonel, U.S. Army Reserve
1949-52 Member of Board of Consultants, National War College
1949 Member, Civilian Advisory Group, National War College
1950 Active duty in International Section, Pentagon; Legal Consultant, Office of High Commissioner for Germany; Lecturer, France and Germany
1951-1954 Member, Board of Consultants, National War College
1952-1961 Trustee, Virginia Episcopal School
1953 Fulbright Lecturer, Oxford University
1953-1957 Summer active duty, Judge Advocate General's School
1956 Civilian Consultant, Army War College
1956-1962 Editor, Virginia Bar News
1957 Carnegie Lecturer, Hague Academy of International Law
1957 Recipient, Raven Award
1957 Consultant, NATO Defense College in France
1958-1970 James Monroe Professor of Law, University of Virginia Law School
1962 Secretary, Defense Committee on Non-technical Instruction in Armed Forces
1962 Lecturer, Egyptian Society of International Law and University of Cairo
1962-1963 Visiting Professor of Law, Columbia University
1962-1963 President, American Society of International Law
1963- 1979 Member of Council, American Law Institute
1963- 1968 Dean, University of Virginia Law School
1965 Member, Virginia Magna Charta Commission
1965 Member, Special Advisory Committee, Air Force Academy
1966-1970 Permanent Advisory Council, Air Force Academy
1966 Sibley Lecturer, University of Georgia
1967 Recipient, Thomas Jefferson Award, University of Virginia
1967 Member, UNESCO Committee on the Role of UNESCO in the Teaching and Dissemination of International Law
1967 Tucker Lecturer, Washington and Lee Law School
1967 Bailey Lecturer, Louisiana State University
1968 Member, Virginia Commission on Constitution Revision
1970 Recipient of Distinguished Civilian Award, U.S. Air Force
1970-1979 Judge, International Court of Justice, The Hague
1970 Death of Janet Schauffler Dillard
1971 Member, Arbitral Tribunal, Beagle Channel Case between Chile and Argentina
1971 Recipient of Honorary Degree, Tulane University
1972 Married Valgerdur Nielsen Dent
1976 Recipient of Honorary Degree, Washington College, Maryland
1977 Mooers Lecturer, American University
1979 Recipient of the Wolfgang Friedman Memorial Award, Columbia University
1979 Honorary President, American Law Institute
1982 Died on 12 May in Charlottesville, Virginia
1989 Hardy S. Dillard died in February

Acquisition Information

Date Received 1996
Donor Information This addition was given to the Law Library by Hardy Cross Dillard's widow, Valgerdur Dillard, in the spring of 1996.

Content List

Box 94:

  • 1976; Argentina-Chile Arbitration Trip.  Memorabilia
  • 1949-1962; Army.  Virginia Military District.  Extracts, Memos, Correspondence
  • 1966; China.  Notes and Articles
  • 1956, 1959; Commission on Education.  Correspondence Memos
  • 1931-1977; Correspondence  [2 folders]

Box 95:

  • 1956, 1973-1977; Correspondence [4 folders]
  • 1928-1972; Correspondence with John Wheeler-Bennett
  • 1961; Farmer.  Status and Pay of Law Librarian.  Memos.  Correspondence
  • 1973; First Year Law Class.  Notes
  • 1950; Germany Trip.  Orders, Health Certificate, Powers of Attorney
  • 1960; Indus River Basin Waters Dispute
  • n.d.; Humor II.  [Personal Notes for Talks]

Box 96:

  • ca. 1977; International Court of Justice Drafts and Notes
  • 1977; International Court of Justice Information Bulletin
  • 1969; Letter Informing of His Election as a Member, Signed by U Thant
  • 1977; International Peace Academy
  • 1969; Jurisprudence: Miscellaneous
  • 1982-1984; Letters of Condolence at Dillard's Death  [2 folders]
  • 1940; Letters of Sympathy for James Hardy Dillard Death
  • 1977; Library of Congress

Box 97:

  • 1977; Lybia/Tunis.  Court Shelf Data
  • 1982; Manley O. Hudson Medal for Distinguished Scholarship and Achievement in International Law
  • 1966-1981; Memorabilia  [3 folders]
  • 1966-1983; Miscellaneous Correspondence
  • 1971-1982; Miscellaneous Papers
  • 1966; "Montebello".  A House Near the University of Virginia
  • 1949-1956; National War College. Presentations and speeches
  • n.d.; Notes on Rabelais
  • 1980; Personal Financial Notes
  • 1946,1948,1962; Personal Military Correspondence
  • ca. 1944-1946?; Personal Military Papers. 
  • 1958, 1963; Private Preference Article
  • 1957, 1963, 1968-1969; Speeches. 
  • 1957; USMA West Point Questionnaire
  • 1976; Washington College Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws

Box 98:

  • Course Materials:
  • n.d., 1948, 1952, 1953, 1957; Dillard and Mallet,"Introduction to Legal Philosophy
  • n.d., 1948, 1950, 1951, 1954, 1959-60; Dillard, "International Law and Foreign Policy
  • 1947; Dillard, "International Law"
  • n.d.; Dillard, "Jurisprudence - Partial Inventory of Recent Books"

Box 99:

  • n.d.; 14 Dillard's Medals and Condecorations


        • Omnia Reliquit Servare Rempublican.  Instad. 1782. Virt. Praem. Soci. Cin'rum
        • For Exceptional Civilian Service to the Department of the Air Force
        • Eagles Broche
        • IMP [Secret Society]
        • Heroic or Meritorious Achievement
        • USA Medal 1782
        • Military Buttons
        • I.D. Tag
        • Military Stripes
        • Raven Society
        • OAK 1914/UVA 1926
        • IBK
        • S
        • Stripe


        • United States Military Academy B.A. Degree.  June 24, 1924  [Oversized]
        • Legal Fraternity of PHI DELTA PHI Initiation into the Minor Inn.  November 1925
        • University of Virginia Bachelor of Laws.  June 1927  [Oversized]
        • Virginia Board of Law Examiners.  July 1927  [Oversized]
        • The American Law Institute in recognition as a Member since 1956
        • Wisdom Award of Honor.  November 1957
        • The Great Navy of the State of Nebraska.  December 1958  [Oversized]
        • Honorary Member of the Bar Association of the City of Richmond.  April 1970
        • Washington College Doctor Honoris Causa.  1976 [Oversized]
        • Commonwealth of Virginia as a Member of the Commission on Constitutional Revision.  [ca. 1970]  [Oversized]
        • Academia Mundi Scientiis et Litteris Dedita.  1975  [Oversized]
        • The American Society of International Law.  The Manley O. Hudson Medal.  1982


  • Advisory Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States.  11/1/1968
  • Air Force Special Advisory Committee [ca. 1960-1970?]
  • Class of '27 in 1952 [?]
  • Class of '27 in [1970s?]
  • Commission on Constitutional Revision.  Jan. 1969
  • Dillard Family.  ca. 1905-1908
  • Dillard, Hardy C. ca. 1920's
  • Dillard, Hardy C. [as a cadet in US Military Academy] 1920-1924
  • Dillard, Hardy C. ca. late 1970s, early 1980s
  • Dillard, Hardy C. and Priest, october 20, 1954
  • Dillard, Hardy C.  Photo and Proof Sheets. ca. late 1970s
  • Dillard at Beagle Channel.  1976
  • Dillard at Department of State [with group of people].  11/7/1969
  • Dillard as Judge at World Court.  ca. 1970s
  • Dillard as a speaker.  ca. 1950
  • Dillard at Play, ca. 1952
  • Dillard at Prestwick, Scotland.  Oct. 1944
  • Dillard at The Parthenon.  ca. 1940s
  • Dillard Honorary Degree at Washington College. n.d.
  • Dillard in Egypt.  1962
  • Dillard Miscellaneous Military Photographs.  n.d.
  • Dillard's Quotations in Charlottesville Court House
  • Dillard's Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Distinguished Service Award.  1980
  • Dillard with Bessie when he was born.  Ca. 1903
  • Dillard with grandchildren in Amsterdam.  n.d.
  • Dillard with military officers ca. 1950s
  • Dillard with unidentified military officers, [1950s ?]
  • Dillard with son and friends in the Lido, Paris; ca. 1970-1971
  • Dillard with wife Val and Frances Farmer, 1978
  • Dillards and Burgers at the Peace Palace, The Hague, 1970s
  • Dillard, James Hardy  ca. 1930s
  • Gruenther Alfred M. [National War College], 1946
  • Hill, Harry W. [National War College, V. Adm. US Army], ca. 1946
  • International Court of Justice [ca. 1969-1970s]
  • International Court of Justice. [Two different occasions]
  • JAG School Occasions, ca. 1953-1955 ?
  • Judicial Conference of Virginia.  5/28/1965
  • Law Day 1963
  • Law Day 1965
  • [School of Military Government] During World War II? [2 photographs]
  • USAWC Eight Annual National Strategy Seminar.  6/5-8/1962



  • Rules for Judicial Conduct.  Things Necessary to be Continually had in Remembrance by Sir Matthew Hale, Kt.  [Oversized]


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