Photograph taken on the front steps of Clark Memorial Hall.  Front row:  Ernest L. Folk  III  Class of 1956; Edwin S. Cohen  Class of 1936; Charles M. Davison  Jr.  Class of 1937; Carl McFarland; Thomas M. Boyd; Hardy C. Dillard  Class of 1927  fourth Dean of the School of Law [1963-1968]; Emerson G. Spies  sixth Dean of the School of Law [1976-1980]; Marion K. Kellogg; Kenneth R. Redden  Class of 1940.  Second row:  John N. Moore; Peter C. Manson; Peter W. Low  Class of 1963; Neill H. Alford  Jr.  Class of 1947; Frances Farmer  Law LIbrarian; Mason Willrich; Richard L. Spiedel; Antonin Scalia; Thomas R. White.  Third row:  Albert R. Turnbull  Class of 1962; A. E. Dick Howard  Class of 1961; Calvin Woodard; James E. Wesner; Thomas S. Currier; Walter J. Wadlington; Thomas F. Bergin; Roy A. Schotland; William L. Velton.