Personal letter from Tompkins to her father, dated 22 April 1921.  Tompkins sets forth a plan to withdraw from the University of Virginia School of Law to attend the "Richmond College night school of law."  She suggests this because she would be able to work during the day and contribute to her expenses in Richmond, whereas in Charlottesville her father must pay -- all this despite the "great honor" it would be to be UVA Law's first female graduate.  Tompkins also laments being the only female at the School of Law, because while the men are able to discuss the law after hours in their dormitory, she is separated and has no one to discuss the law with once classes end.  In her conclusion she states, "...this mob of crawling humanity has destroyed any liking I might have once had for men, and they are now more repuslive than snakes that crawl in the grass."

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