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Creator: Martin, David A.
Title: Addendum to the Papers of David A. Martin [b]
Accession: MSS 98-1b
Parent Collection: Addendum to the Papers of David A. Martin [c]
Description: 24 boxes; 10 linear feet
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Collection Description & Arrangement

This collection, an addendum to the papers of David A. Martin, was received in June of 2015. It is comprised of 36 boxes (14.4 linear ft.) and conveys the breadth of Martin’s career as professor of law, researcher, author, and public servant. The files are grouped in four categories: General (Boxes 1-20); Casebooks and Published Articles (Boxes 20-22); Law School Files and Teaching Notes and Materials (Boxes 22-29) and Asylum and Immigration Research (Boxes 29-36). The files include papers regarding his search for employment as a law professor, his research and work on the casebook he co-authored, Immigration and Citizenship: Process and Policy, his memberships and work with the American Society of International Law and the American Bar Association, and numerous articles, books, and chapters of books authored by Martin. The scope of papers in the collection include memoranda, personal notes, drafts, correspondence, research, and proposals.

The collection also includes his notes and outlines for classes he taught in Constitutional Law, International Human Rights, Property Law, and Refugee Law. In addition, the files include memoranda, correspondence for his work with the Nobel Peace Laureates Conference at the University of Virginia and the seminar he created to correspond with the conference.  There are documents that relate to the Virginia 2020 Agenda for the Third Century an initiative from UVA president John Casteen to internationalize the University of Virginia.

These files contain proposals, personal notes, research, correspondence, and memoranda regarding his Sesquicentennial Associateship, his work with Administrative Conference of the United States, and attendance at numerous conferences and meetings.

A notation by Martin on one of his student’s papers for his Nobel Peace Laureate seminar summarizes his philosophy for being a lawyer, professor, and author: “Lawyers need to develop a passion for getting all the details right.”

Acquisition Information

Date Received 2015
Donor Information David A. Martin donated this addition to the Law Library in June of 2015.

Content List

Box 1

  • 2000; ABC News – Nightline May 25, 2000 [Transcript of Nightline story about an illegal Haitian immigrant; correspondence, notes].
  • 1989; Administrative Conference of the United States (ACUS) Asylum Adjudication Reform Cost Estimates [correspondence, note, outline of discussion points].
  • 1989; ACUS – “Bad Prescription for Asylum Public Policy” [note, correspondence, newsletters re: Martin’s letter to editor of the National Law Journal].
  • 1987-1991; ACUS: “The Coast of Bohemia [prepared by David A. Martin for the INS Training for Designated Asylum Officers”] – General – [interview memoranda; research; news articles; Martin’s Report on Asylum to ACUS]; correspondence. [2 folders]
  • 1989; ACUS – Committee on Rulemaking Asylum Adjudication Study [memoranda; revisions and recommendations on Asylum Adjudication Procedures].
  • 1989; ACUS – Committee on Rulemaking [Martin’s notes on meetings].
  • 1985-1987; ACUS – correspondence, notes [re meetings with INS officials and immigration attorneys in Florida and San Diego, CA].
  • 1987-1989; ACUS – correspondence [re asylum procedures].
  • 1988-1989; ACUS – correspondence [and memoranda; Martin’s Report on Asylum Procedures].
  • 1988; ACUS – correspondence and notes from interviews of INS officials and Lawyers Committee for Human Rights in New York.
  • 1988-1989; ACUS – Canada Visit. [Correspondence re Martin’s trip, notes, meeting agenda].
  • 1983-1986; ACUS Information on Administrative Law Judges [Jeffrey S. Lubbers, Federal Agency Adjudication: Trying to See the Forest and the Trees, 31 Fed B. News & J. 383; Martin’s notes].
  • 1985-1989; ACUS – Martin’s interviews notes and summaries [with Department of Justice, INS, Department of State, and UNHCR officials re: asylum and immigration].
  • 1989; ACUS – [Martin’s] notes for talks and remarks.
  • 1989; ACUS – Official Notice Supreme Court Precedent [notes, memoranda].
  • 1989; ACUS Plenary Session [memorandum, agenda, notes, recommendation, ACUS membership list].
  • 1989; ACUS – Reforming Asylum Adjudication Report – Comments and Critiques [correspondence with representatives of American Immigration Lawyers Association, Department of State, DOJ, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, ABA, UN High Commissioner for Refugees; notes].

Box 2

  • 1988-1989; ACUS – Study of Asylum Procedures, notes, and outline.
  • 1992-1994; ACUS 2 Farmworkers [notes, correspondence re: The Endless Quest  and Coordination of Migrant Seasonal Farmworker Service Programs].
  • 1984-1985; ACUS Work Authorization Changes since 1984 [Memorandum re: Asylum Procedures and Adjustment Status].
  • 1989-1992; ACUS Miscellaneous Records and Files for 1989 ACUS Project and “Coast of Bohemia” article – [letter to Sen. Edward Kennedy signed by Martin and Aleinikoff to propose amendments to the Immigration and Nationality Act (March 15, 1988);  working and research  documents, reports, notes, news articles. Includes: “Informal Consultations on Asylum Seekers in Europe, North America and Australia,” Report on the First Meeting of the Working Group on Long-term Perspectives and Policies (March 13, 1990); UNHCR: “Note on German Asylum Procedures” and other German documents; FIDES Informatik/Delegate for Refugees “Pre-Study  European Database for Asylum Seekers”; white paper on “Options for Processing Haitians Migrants”; INS memoranda] [3 folders].
  • 1983-1991; ACUS Project – Denmark and miscellaneous [documents related to asylum practices in Denmark and other European countries. Includes translation of The Aliens Act, Danish Act No. 226 (June 8, 1983); correspondence with the Danish Refugee Council, reports on asylum seekers by country, notes, research materials, newspaper clippings] [3 folders].

Boxes 3, 4, 5

  • 1982-1994; ACUS Project – Germany [research materials on immigration and asylum law in Germany; newspaper, magazine, and journal articles; handwritten notes.  Includes: “Survey of the Policy and Law Concerning Foreigners in the Federal Republic of Germany” (July 1993); Karsten Lüthke, “Asylum in Germany” (September 1994); “The Frankfurt Model; Act of Asylum Procedures of July 16, 1982; Diakonisches Werk documents re asylum and official German documents] [22 folders].

Box 5

  • 1975-1990; ACUS Project – Netherlands [research materials, memoranda and official Dutch documents.  Includes: General Information on the New Asylum Procedure in the Netherlands (1982); Quota for Resettlement of Refugees in the Netherlands Policy (1984); asylum brochure, forms; newspaper and magazine articles.  UNHCR INT.REF/EUR/17: Note on the Integration of Refugees in the Netherlands (August 31, 1983); A Brief Description of Refugee Work in the Netherlands brochure (1983) [3 folders].

Box 5, 6, 7

  • 1981-1993; ACUS Project – Switzerland [research materials, memoranda and Swiss government asylum and immigration documents; notes, correspondence with Urz Bolz, brochures. Juan M. Bracete, “The Acquisition by Aliens of the Right to Reside after Entry in France and Switzerland: the Art and Practice of Administrator’s Law,” A report to the German Marshall Fund of the United States; Dokumentation Politique d’Asile (1988); AGECAS et Hospice General: Enquete sur le Travail des Candidats Refugies (1984); newspaper and magazine clippings] [20 folders]

Box 7

  • 1989; ACUS – Draft:  “Reforming Asylum Adjudication: On Navigating the Coast of Bohemia” [Report authored by Professor Martin].
  • 2002-2003; [Undocumented Alien Tuition, Immigration Law Compliance Update Memorandum (Sep. 5, 2002) – Martin’s review of memorandum for Virginia Governor Mark Warner’s Office. [E-mail correspondence].
  • 1982-1983; Aliens and Due Process Paper – notes  and correspondence
  • 1992-1993; American Academy of Arts & Sciences (AAAS) “Countries of Immigration” Conference [Martin’s note, conference information; correspondence, memorandum] [4 folders]. 


Box 8

  • 1998-1999; American Bar Association (ABA) [Martin served as Co-Chair of Immigration and Naturalization Committee. Manual, correspondence, notes].
  • 2004; American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) Global Immigration Summit Oct. 1-2, 2004 [conference information, notes].
  • 1981; American Journal of International Law (AJIL) – “Temporary Refuge and the Large-Scale Influx of Refugees” by G.J.L. Coles (1981) [Australian proposal]; provisional agenda and documents.
  • 1982; AJIL – “Large Scale Migrations of Asylum Seekers” [correspondence related to publication of paper.  File includes the International Institute of Humanitarian Law Report of the Round Table on the Problems Arising from Large Numbers of Asylum Seekers (San Remo, 22-25 June 1981)]
  • 1993; AJIL Submission Review [book reviews by Martin for AJIL; correspondence, notes].
  • 2003; America Society of International Law (ASIL) – ASIL Judiciary Outreach Program Advisory Board (Oct. 31, 2003) [Martin’s address to board; notes, meeting outline; e-mail correspondence; memorandum].
  • 1989-1994; ASIL Project on the Role of the UN in the International Legal Order (UNILO) – [correspondence, agenda; “Refugees and Migration”, Martin’s chapter in ASIL book] [4 folders].
  • 1998-1999; ASIL Annual Book Award Committee [correspondence, e-mails, fax, notes].
  • 1998 ASIL Annual Meeting April 1-4, 1998 [conference information, correspondence].
  • 1999; ASIL Annual Meeting March 24-27, 1999 [correspondence, notes].
  • 2000; ASIL Annual Meeting April 5-8, 2000 [correspondence, e-mails, minutes of October meeting; Paul Wolfson: “Treaty? What Treaty?”; notes].


Box 9

  • 2001; ASIL 95th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. April 4 - 7 – “The Visible College of International Law”. [Martin’s notes, conference materials].
  • 2003-2005; ASIL 98th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. March 31 - April 3 – “Mapping New Boundaries: Shifting Norms in International Law.” [Martin’s paper: “The Need for Balance” for panel on “Protection or Control,” notes, minutes, report.]
  • 2005; ASIL 99th Annual Meeting, March 30 - April 2 – “New World Order or a World in Disorder.”  [Minutes, agenda, program]
  • 1999; ASIL Executive Council, March – [reports; roll call; draft agenda; capital campaign information].
  • 2003; ASIL Executive Council Meeting, Washington, D.C., Nov. 1 – [minutes, correspondence re: Martin’s nomination to Council; notes].
  • 2002-2004; ASIL Executive Committee – [minutes of meetings, correspondence, reports]  [2 folders]
  • 2001-2002; ASIL – Federal Judiciary Center (FJC), New Orleans Feb. 26-28, 2002 [National Workshop for District Judges III; notes, conference information; correspondence].
  • 2000; ASIL Nominating Committee 2000-01 [ASIL Executive Committee nominations; e-mails, correspondence, notes]. [2 folders].
  • 2000-2002; ASIL Nominating Committee 2001 [correspondence, notes].
  • 2002; ASIL Panel: “The War on Terrorism”, Washington, Nov. 1 [notes, invitation].
  • 2002; ASIL – ASIL Judges Handbook, Fall 2002 - Summer 2003 – draft


Box 10

  • 1985; Amnesty International Newsletter, January 1985, vol. xv, no.1
  • 1998; Amnesty International Play, Live Arts Production, “Kiss of the Spider Woman”, Dec. 10, 1998 [notes, Martin’s Washington Post Article, “How Rhetoric Became Rights”].
  • 2001-2002; Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Jan. 2-6, 2002 [notes and correspondence].
  • 2000-2001 AALS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, correspondence, notes [Prof. Martin spoke at the meeting on Immigration Law.].
  • 2004; AALS Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, Jan. 2-5, 2004 [correspondence, schedule, notes].
  • c. 1983; Asylum Article Notes
  • 1980; Asylum and Refugee Regulations Draft Guidelines for Processing of Refugee Applications by Consular Officers document; notes
  • 2000; Asylum Representation Workshop, Georgetown University Institute for the Study of International Migration, May 22 – [correspondence, workshop information; notes, e-mail].
  • c. 1980; Beepers and Privacy Cases and Research – [notes]
  • 2002-2003; Berne Initiative, Geneva, May 23-25, 2002 [Switzerland International Symposium on Migration. Includes: Walter Kälin, Limits to Expulsion Under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; European Court of Human Rights documents; Martin’s paper: “The Berne Initiative, Background Study in Existing International Migration Law Norms, The Authority and Responsibility of States”; correspondence, notes, e-mails]. [2 folders].
  • 2002; Berne Initiative Papers [Switzerland International Symposium on Migration; Articles for Symposium] –  David Fisher, et al, Migration and Security; Vitit Muntarbhorn, Combating Migrant Smugling and Trafficking in Persons, especially Women: The Normative Framework Re-appraised; Gregor Noll, Return of Persons to States of Origin and Third Countries; Kay Hailbronner, Nationality; Joan Fitzpatrick, The Human Rights of Migrants; Kate Jastram, Family unification, including migration of children; Vicent Chetail, Freedom of Movement and Transnational Migrations: A Legal Survey; Peter van Krieken, Migration and Health: the Many Links; Walter Kälin, Background Study on Existing International Migration Law Norms; Eve Lester, Gender and Migration – a Dual Vulnerability in International Law; Guy S. Goodwin-Gill, Force Migration and Human Rights; Steve Charnovitz, WTO Norms on International Migration [3 folders].
  • 2000; “Best Practices for Migrant Workers”, Migrant Worker Conference, University of California, Davis, April 26-28 – [David A. Martin, Consistency in Law Enforcement: Best Practices; Mark Silverman, Paper on Best Practices for Migrant Workers: Focusing on Immigration-Related Policy Issues; Gregorio Billikopf Encina, Employment Practices that Combat Exploitation of Migrants; Bill Beardall, Providing Fair Access to the Justice System for the New Transnational Migrant Workers in the U.S.: A review of Best Practices and a New Paradigm for the 21st Century; Mike Johnston, Teamstears Local 890, Best Practices to Protect the Human Rights of Migrant Workers & their Families; Ed Kissam, Building Migrants Social Capital: Organizational Responses to an Increasingly Diverse Transnational Labor Force; correspondence, notes, e-mails. [2 folders]


Box 11

  • 2001; Blue Ridge English as a Second Language Council, Book and Author Luncheon, Oct. 22; notes; UVA Talk on “A Trade Off Between Security and Liberty?”; J.B. Moore Society of International Law event: “Responses to September 11: Immigration Controls and Civil Liberties [notes for talks].
  • 2003; Department of Justice Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) Staff Attorney Conference, Arlington, VA, Oct. 24, [correspondence, e-mails, notes, conference information.  Includes Margaret J. Perry, “Asylum, Withholding of Deportation and Withholding of Removal”].
  • 1998; BNA Reporter Article, June 15, 1998 [“Matter of Collado: Two Views”]
  • 2001; CAPPS Luncheon: Talk on Immigration, Feb. 21, 2001 [Remarks to Presbyterian Ministers Lunch].
  • 1999; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Cooperative Citizenship Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, June 2-5 [correspondence, e-mail].
  • 2000; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Briefing: “Elián Gonzalez Case” [Transcript of Elián Gonzalez Asylum Claim Meeting. Prof. Martin’s comments are in the transcript.].
  • 2000; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, International Migration Policy Program, Advisory Meeting on Issues in Refugee Protection, June 13 [meeting agenda; Alexander Aleinikoff, “Membership in a Particular Social Group, A Prolegomon to a Study” paper]
  • 1998; CBS Interview – Mary Murphy, March 9: IRA Members Deportation Cases [Includes DOJ memoranda re summary to amendments to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) (Jan. 17, 1997, May 6, 1997); DOJ Questions and Answers sheet (Sep 10, 1997); Talking Points on Deportation Decision (Sep. 9, 1997); Qs and As Irish Republican Army;  Martin’s Testimony as General Counsel of the Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalizations Service before the AD Hoc Committee on Irish Affairs Concerning the Deportation and Exclusion of Persons Who May Have Committed Criminal or Terrorist Acts (Feb. 6, 1997)]
  • 1999; Center for Migration Studies (CMS) 22nd National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy March 25-26 – [correspondence, conference information, Martin’s notes re “Expedited Removal and the Future Agenda for Asylum Processing”]
  • 2000; CMS 23rd National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy March 30-31 – [correspondence, e-mail; conference information]
  •  2001; CMS 24th National Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy, April 5-6 – correspondence, notes, newsletter, program.  Draft of Martin’s paper: “The United States and Dual Nationality: Past and Future”].
  • 2001-2002; CMS National 25th Legal Conference on Immigration and Refugee Policy, March 21-22 [correspondence, conference materials, newspaper clippings, newsletter.  Includes draft of Martin’s “Terrorism and Immigration Control: Time for Some Hard thinking”].
  • 2004-2005; Church World Service (CWS)\Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM) Joint National Conference, Feb. 4, 2005 [e-mail; conference information].
  • 2004; Jules Coleman, “Contemporary Jurisprudence Course” (June 14-18) [notes].
  • 1981; Columbia Law School, Friedman Conference, [Martin] keynote address: “Legal Solutions to Refugee Crises: Tragic Choices”.
  • 2002-2003; Columbia University Seminar, Legal and Illegal Migration: Ethics, Economics and Law, Readings on Border Enforcement, March 11, 2003 – [notes, compilation of Martin’s suggested readings on migration with his handwritten notes].
  • 1983-1985; Comité Européan Pour la Défense des Réfugiés et Immigrés (C.E.D.R.I.) [Second Congress of C.E.D.R.I. programme; correspondence, C.E.D.R.I. information.  Includes Report on the Present Human Rights Situation in Turkey].
  • 1993; Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE) Human Dimension Seminar on Migration, Including Refugees and Displaced Persons, Warsaw, 20-23 April – [correspondence, notes.  File includes: Opening Statement by the Community;  Arthur C. Helton, “Current Dilemmas in International Refugee Protection”; statements and interventions of Alar Jaanus (Estonian Delegation), Maria Lukaszuk (Poland); Adalbert Rebic (Croatia); Mari-Ann Rikken (Estonian Institute);  Note on Asylum Seekers and Refugees (Conference of European Churches); NGO Statement; Statement of the Delegation of the United States] [See also: Howard Papers, MSS 2013 -1]


Box 12

  • 1998; Comparative Citizen Project, June 4-7 Meeting [e-mail].
  • 1998; Fourth Annual Conference of the Library of International Relations at Chicago - Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, Oct. 9: “International Refugee Law and U.S. Asylum Policy – [correspondence, conference information; notes].
  • 1998; Conference on Nationality, Immigration and Integration in Europe and the USA, Paris, June 25-27 [CEPIC and German Marshall Fund supported conference; e-mails; correspondence, conference information].
  • 2004; Conference on Terrorism and Aliens Law, University of San Diego, March 5 [notes, conference information; Martin’s paper “The Use of US Immigration Enforcement and ‘Enemy Combatant’ Designations after the September 11 Attacks”; Anja Klug, “Refugees and Asylum after September 11”; Susan Jonas, “Latino Immigrant Rights, Legalization Strategies, and Citizenship in the Shadow of the National Security State: Responses to Domestic Pre-emptive Strikes”; Robert H. McLaughin, “Rupture and Continuity: Evaluating Immigration and 9/11”; Wayne A. Cornelius, “Controlling Immigration and Fighting Terrorism: the Uncertain Connection”; Rudolf Roy, “German Measures Against International Terrorism”; Susan Martin, Philip Martin, “International Migration and Terrorism: Prevention, Prosecution and Protection”; Marianne Wiedermann, “Migration and Terrorism”; Stephanie Schmahl, “International Terrorism as an Immigration Crime: German Responses to 9/11”; e-mail correspondence, notes].
  • 2005; Meeting with Sen. John Cornyn’s (Texas) Staff on Comprehensive Enforcement and Immigration Reform Act of 2005, Washington, D.C. June 14 [e-mail correspondence; notes].
  • 1995-2005; Correspondence – [miscellaneous correspondence with former students, UVA law professors and legal field associates].
  • 1984-1987; Correspondence – Foreign [related to Martin’s time in Europe]
  • 1992-1993; Correspondence – Foreign
  • 1994-1995; Correspondence – Foreign 
  • 1998-2001; Correspondence – Foreign
  • 1998-2003; Correspondence – U.S. [Letters from colleagues at other law schools and invitations to law seminars].
  • 1999; Criminal Justice Institute of Harvard Law School: “U.S. Immigration Policy at the Millennium: with Liberty and Justice for All?” – [correspondence, conference information, notes, e-mails; Martin was a panelist on two panels on immigration].
  • ca. 1985-1987; Council of Europe and European Community – [Council of Europe Recommendations re: Asylum; research notations, newsclippings].


Box 13

  • 2004; Council on Foreign Relations Roundtable on: Bush Administration’s Immigration Proposals” May 7 – [correspondence, e-mails; Daniel Griswold, “A Sympathetic Look at President Bush’s Proposal for Immigration Reform”; Jagdish Bhagwati, “Immigration Policy: Bush has Seized the Moment”; Mark R. Rosenzweig, “Copenhagen Opposition Paper on Population and Migration”; Douglas S. Massey, “The Costs of Contradiction, U.S. Border Policy 1986-2000”;  notes].
  • 1997; Duke University Workshop on Citizenship, Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 [David A. Hollinger, “Civic Nationality and Communities of Descent in the United States in the 1990s”; Peter J. Spiro, “Dual Nationality and the Meaning of Citizenship”; Paul Donnelly: Bipartisan Commission Calls for “A New Americanization Movement”; Charles R. Kesler, “The Promise of American Citizenship”; Noah M. J. Pickus, To Make Natural: Creating Citizens for the 21st Century”; Juan F. Perea, “Am I American or Not?” Reflections on Americanization, Citizenship and Race”; U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, Americanization and Integrations of Immigrants; Survey of Essential Knowledge for Citizenship; Naturalization Exam and Oath of Allegiance, Alexander Aleinikoff suggestions; Peter H. Schuck: Dual Citizenship in an Era of Migration; correspondence and conference information] [2 folders].
  • 2004; Ethiopian Community Development Council (EDDC) 10th National Conference: “African Refugees: Reexamining Practices, Partnerships and Possibilities,” Arlington, VA May 24-26 [correspondence, notes, conference literature and information; Martin served as a presenter and moderator].
  • 1998; European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) Participants Meeting, March – [Country reports from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom].
  • European Council – US Cooperative Programme on Migration and Asylum, Georgetown University, Nov. 8 – [e-mail correspondence; agenda].
  • 1999; The Expedited Removal Study: Report on the First Two Years of Implementation
  • 2002; Federal Judicial Center National Symposium for United States Court of Appeals Judges Oct. 21 -22 [Martin presentation notes and articles, memorandum, e-mails, correspondence].
  • 1999; First Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor April 8-10 [correspondence, notes, background materials; Martin’s comments on a draft paper, “The Internal Protection Alternative in International Refugee Law”] [2 folders]


Box 14

  • 2000; German Marshall Fund Project on Dual Nationality, Mexico City Meeting – Feb. 17-19;   German Marshall Fund Project on Dual Nationality, Istanbul, Turkey Oct. 19-22, 2000 [agendas and summaries of panels and discussions].
  • 2002; German Marshall Fund Project on Dual Nationality Meetings, Berlin and Vienna Oct. 7-9,  (also D.C. Oct. 22) [Included are: Carnagie Comparative Citizenship Project: Citizenship Policies for an Age of Migration; Rainer Bauböck and Dilek Cinar, Nationality Law and Naturalisation in Austria; David Martin and Kay Hailbronner: Managing Dual Nationality; Günter Renner, Erfahrungen mit dem neuen deutschen Staatsangehörigkeitsrecht; David Martin and Kay Hailbronner, Umgang mit doppelter Staatsangehörigkeitsrecht; notes, e-mails, powerpoint presentation, correspondence].
  • 1981-1984; German Marshall Fund Immigration Program Review – correspondence, notes.  [Includes Martin: “Political Asylum and Other Forms of Refuge in Selected European Countries: A Comparative Study.  Project description for the German Marshall Fund Research Fellowship Program” (November 1983)]
  • 1984; German Marshall Fund of the United States , Agence de Dévelopment des Relations Interculturelles Intergovernmental Conference on Immigration and Refugee Issues, Apr. 16-17 – [agenda, French documents re migrants and refugees, policies].
  • 1998; German Marshall Fund, German - American Symposium on Immigration Control and Human Rights, Berlin, June 29-30 [correspondence, e-mails; notes, presentations summaries of Prof. Walter Kälin, Juliane Kokott, Susan Martin and Andy Schoenholtz; conference information].
  • 1999; German Marshall Fund Conference “Visa, Policy, Inspection and Exit Controls: Transatlantic Perspectives on Migration Management,” Paris Sept. 25-28 [correspondence, e-mails; conference information, notes].
  • 1992-1993; Haitian Centers Council v. McNary Amicus Brief – correspondence
  • 2001-2002; Heritage Foundation Anti-Terrorism Project [Martin served as an “expert” on Dan Fisk, Top Priorities for Improving Intelligence and Law Enforcement Capabilities, A Report of the Working group on Intelligence and Law Enforcement; note, e-mail; research materials].
  • 1998; House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims Hearing on Religious Persecution Act, March 13, 24, 1998 (declined)
  • 1999-2000; Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS) Symposium: 5th Anniversary of Asylum Reform; Refugee UVA Law Class Field Trip – Feb. 1, 2000.  [Correspondence, notes.  Draft of Martin’s paper “Asylum Reform: A Global Perspective”]
  • 2000; 2001 Immigration Judges Conference, New York, June 25-26 – correspondence, conference materials.  [File includes Martin’s paper “Gender-Related Asylum Cases: Confronting the Doubts and Questions”; Edward R. Grant, Lauren R. Mathon, W. Wayne Stogner: “How Streaming Has Worked at the Board of Immigration Appeals”; Carolyn Patty Blum and Nancy Kelly: “The Protection of Women Refugees”].


Box 15

  • 2002; Immigration Law Teachers Workshop 2002, Loyola University, New Orleans, May 30-June 1 – [conference information, correspondence, e-mails, memorandum, Martin’s: “Roundtable on the Future of Immigration Law Scholarship Thoughts in Response to Introductory Questions”; Philip G. Schrag: “Inter-agency Development of Immigration Policy”; Jennifer Moore: “Community Lawyering with a Human Face, Reflections on Human Rights Teaching in a General Practice Poverty Law Clinic”].
  • 2003-2004; Immigration Law Teachers Workshop 2004, Loyola University, June 3-4 [conference information; e-mail; correspondence; Human Rights Watch: “Documenting Rape as a War Crime”].
  • 2001; Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies, GWU, Diversity Within Unity Conference, Brussels, Nov. 1-2 [conference information; notes, correspondence].
  • 1999; Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University, Workshop on Visa Policy, Inspection and Exit Controls: Transatlantic Perspective on Migration Management,  March 27-29 [correspondence, e-mail; workshop information]
  • 2000; Institute for the Study of International Migration, Transatlantic Workshop on Human Smuggling, Georgetown University, June 4-5 [correspondence, workshop information; e-mail; notes].
  • 2001; Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University, Transatlantic Dialogue on Terrorism and International Migration Washington, D.C., Dec. 3-4 [invitation, draft of participants].
  • 2002; Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) Public Hearing on Terrorism and Human Rights – March [correspondence re IACHR study, notes].
  • 2000; International Association of Refugee Law Judges Conference: The Changing Nature of Persecution, Berne, Switzerland, Oct. 25-28 [conference agenda; e-mail, notes, Prof. Martin was on the Female Asylum Seekers and Refugees panel].
  • 1988; International Law Association (ILA) 63rd International Law Conference, Warsaw, Poland, Aug. 21-27 [notes, correspondence.  Ian Brownlie, The Human Right for Food, Study for the Commonwealth Secretariat (1987); Report on “Irregular Movement” submitted by the Working Group on the Legal Status of Refugees of the Netherlands Branch if the ILA International Committee (1988)].
  • 1983-1991; ILA – extensive correspondence, agenda, reports, resolutions. [Report of the Committee on Human Rights; Report Human Rights Committee, American Branch; Draft Declaration of Principles of International Law on Compensation to Refugees (1992); Otto Kimminich, Regional System for the Protection and Assistance of Refugees, Europe; Report on “Irregular Movement” submitted by the Working Group on the Legal Status of Refugees of the Netherlands Branch if the ILA International Committee (1988); David A. Martin, Restrictive Practices Affecting Asylum Seekers: A Preliminary Report (1991); Luke T. Lee, Mass Expulsion; Draft Declaration of Principles of International Law on Mass Expulsion] [3 folders].


 Box 16

  • 1996-1998; ILA, American Branch Committee on Refugees [e-mail; documents, reports: Refugees Procedures: Issues and Prospects; Interim Report on Temporary Protection; Summary of Proceedings; memoranda].
  • 1998; ILA – International Law Weekend New York Nov. 12-14, [correspondence, e-mail; newsletters; conference information].
  • 1991-1992; International Migration Review – correspondence
  • 2005; International Rescue Committee (IRC) Board and Overseer Meeting, Washington Apr. 13-15 [PowerPoint presentations, schedule; e-mail, notes].
  • 2001; IRC Washington Visit April 24-25 [memorandum].
  • 1987-1990; Refugee Studies Programme (Oxford University) – correspondence
  • 2004; League of Women Voters of Charlottesville – Albemarle and the Charlottesville Committee on Foreign Relations Town Hall Meeting, Nov. 18-19 [flyer; correspondence, note, e-mail, newspaper article].
  • 1983; Legislative Veto Article – correspondence with Prof. Flinterman Rijke, University Limburg Netherlands].
  • 1998; Migration Dialogue – Philip Martin and Michael Teitelbaum Report of the Seminar on Integration Issues and Immigration Policy Focus on Southern Florida.
  • 2000; Migration Dialogue Conference, Istanbul, March 29-31 [e-mail, correspondence].
  • 2003; Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Panel with  Eduardo Aguirre Jr., Tamar Jacoby, Palma Yanni, Sep. 3 [David A. Martin, Immigration Policy and the Homeland Security Act Reorganization, 1 Insight 2003].
  • 2003; MPI, Program on INS and the Department of Homeland Security: A Farewell Tribute – A Look Ahead, Feb. 28 [program, notes, correspondence].
  • 2004; MPI, Council on Foreign Relations: U.S. Refugee Admission Program, D.C., Feb. 13 [notes, correspondence].
  • 2004 MPI Right to Counsel Project [notes, memorandum, Donald Kerwin: “Charitable Legal Programs for Immigrants” (draft)].
  • 2005; MPI Refugee Book Launch, May 6 [notes, Martin’s article: “The US Refugee Program in Transition”; program information, flyer].
  • 1999; John T. Morton (Law ’94) Dinner, Oct. 30 [notes]
  • 1999; NADIR [Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Centre] – Remarks on Pinochet, February 17 [correspondence, note, research].
  • 2003-2004; National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States Hearing on “Security and Liberty”,  Washington, D.C., Panel on “Preventive Detention: Use of Immigration Laws and Enemy Combatants Designations to Combat Terrorism” Dec. 8, 2003, Martin’s testimony – [correspondence, e-mails, documents, news articles. Included are testimonies of William P. Barr, Khaled Abou El Fadl, David A. Martin, Stephen J. Schulhofer, John J. Hamre, Larry D. Thompson, Philip B. Heymann, Jan C. Ting.  Also Nathaniel Berman, Privileging Combat: 9/11 and the Construction of War; Johan Steyn, Guantanamo Bay: The Legal Black Hole; Evan J. Wallach, Afghanistan, Quirin, and Uchiyama: Does the Sauce Suit the Gander? ; Limitations on the Detention Authority of the Immigration and Naturalization Service Memorandum Opinion for the Deputy Attorney General (Feb. 20, 2003)] [3 folders]


Box 17

  • 2001; National Immigration Forum Telephonic Press Briefing, Oct. 2 [notes, e-mail. Prof. Martin served as an expert on Immigration Policy].
  • 2000; National Public Radio (NPR) – Justice Talking, NPR Program: “Secrets or Lies: Immigrants, Terrorism and International Justice,” Feb. 28 [CD of Martin’s appearance on show; correspondence, note, research].
  • 1998; NPR Interview with NPR “Talk of the Nation” re: 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights Dec. 10 [note, research materials, copy of Prof. Martin’s editorial, “How Rhetoric Became Rights”].
  • 2000; Nguyen Case Interest of Amici Final Brief, April 20.
  • 2001; Nguyen v. INS – Court TV Appearance, July 19 [note, e-mail].
  • 2002; Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, San Diego, July 15-18 [correspondence, notes].
  • 1993; Office of Français de Protection des Réfugiés et Apatrides (1952-1993) (OFPRA) –   [Description; Statistics; History; Procedures; correspondence].
  • 1993; OFPRA, Présentation du Système Dactyloscopique, (France) – [Description of the OFPRA Fingerprint system].
  • 1985; Outlines and Key Quotes [handwritten notes, newspaper articles, printed materials re: asylum and immigration].
  • 1998; PBS – Lehrer News Hour Interview re Iraqi Deportations, Mid-April 1998
  • 2000; PBS – Miller Center Interview: For the Record, Nov. 17, WHTJ [correpondence, transcript of Martin’s interview on immigration, notes, research].
  • 2000; Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) Talk: Elián Gonzalez, April 13 [notes].
  • 1999; Powell, Justice Lewis Memorial, U.S. Supreme Court, May 18 [invitation, correspondence, program].
  • 1993; Principaux Textes Législatifs et Réglementaires [French government documents re: refugees].
  • 1984; Reading file and items mailed to Geneva [notes, lists].
  • 1998-1999; Refugee and Asylum Policy and Practice in Europe and North America, Oxford University, July 1-3, 1999 – [correspondence, e-mail; notes, agenda. OFPRA Rapport d’Activite Année 1998; Nicholas Blake, “In the Matter of the International Human Rights Principles Governing Detention of Asylum Seekers”; Sabine Weidlich, “First Instance Asylum Proceedings in Europe: Do Bona Fide Refugees Find Protection?”; Susan F. Martin and Andrew I. Schoenholtz, “Asylum Practice: Successes, Failures, and the Challenges Ahead”; Randall Hansen, “Dublin and Schegen: the Emergence of an EU Asylum and Immigration Policy?”; Christopher Stone, “Supervised Release as an Alternative to Detention in Removal Proceedings: Some Promising Results from a Demonstration Project”].
  • 1989-1990; Refugee Policy Group (RPG) – The North American-European Dialogue on Politics and Migration [RPG, Emigration, Immigration and Changing East-West Relations, summaries, agenda].
  • 1989; Refugee Twilight – Book ideas [correspondence, WSJ article].
  • 2004; St. James Fellowship, Richmond Dinner Talk, Dec. 14 [notes].


Box 17, 18, 19

  • 1997-1998; Salas, Jose Patrizio Jacome, Petition for Asylum in the UK [British Court Documents re: Salas Asylum application and removal to USA] [25 folders].


Box 19

  • 1993; Senate Hearing on Asylum Reform [Martin’s Statement before Subcommittee on Immigration and Refugee Affairs; Statement of Arthur C. Helton, Director, Refugee Project (April 29); Testimony of Michael S. Teitelbaum (Apr. 27, 1993); notes].
  • 2002; Senate Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee’s Hearing on “Immigration Reform and the Reorganization of Homeland Defense”, June 26 [Transcript of proceedings; statements of Paul W. Virtue, Stephen Yale-Loehr, Paul C. Light, Wendy A. Young, Kathleen Campbell Walker, Bill McCollum; Bill Ong Hing, Dana Marks Keener, and David A. Martin; correspondence, research materials, notes] [2 folders]
  • 1999; Stanley Foundation Fortieth Strategy for Peace Conference, Warrenton, VA, Arlie Center, Oct. 21-23 [Prof. Martin participated in “The Competition Between Rights in International Politics: Balancing the Rights of Nation States, Groups, and Individuals”; correspondence].
  • 2005; State Coordinators of Refugee Resettlement (SCORR) and Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) –  Symposium, Washington, DC, June 20-21 [e-mail; correspondence, notes].
  • 1999; Stuttgarter SchloBgespräch – Stuttgart New Palace Conference Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) June 23-25 – [notes, newspaper clippings.  David A. Martin; “Instruments for Structural Integration: The American Experience with Antidiscrimination Laws”; Slavenka Drakulic: “A Cold Wind in Berlin”; Phillip A. “Martin: Germany and the United States: Searching for the 21st Century”].
  • 2001; Terrorism and Immigration: Our Borders, Security, and Liberties, Sept. 24 [notes].
  • 1998; Third Forum on Migration Policy – Criminal Alien Meeting – Bonn May 8-12, 1998 [Martin’s paper: “Expulsion of Criminal Aliens from the United States”; e-mails; notes, research. Paul Middlebeck: Praxis der Ausweisung und Abschiebung straffälliger Ausländer; Wolfang Heinz, “Straffällige Ausländer in der Statistik, and other papers].
  • 1985; United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Consultations on the Arrivals of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Europe, May 28-31 – [UN documents, handwritten notes, news articles. Statements from The Netherlands; Ambassador Niels Boel (Denmark); Jonas Widgren (Sweden); France, Suisse, Bjonar Utheim (Norway), Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Turkey, España, Yugoslavia; correspondence. Martin served as a US government observer] [2 folders]


Box 20

  • 1985; UNHCR PACKGRD Papers HCR Consults-EUR [UNHCR memoranda and country reports re: asylum seekers in Europe].
  • 2002; UNHCR Round Table on Religion-based Refugee Claims, Oct. 30-31  [e-mails; notes, correspondence].
  • 1998; University of California, Berkeley - San Francisco Law Teachers’ Workshop May 28-31, [University of California, Berkeley Immigration Law Workshop; correspondence, notes, e-mails; memoranda].
  • 2001; University of Louisville Conference on Immigration Reform, notes
  • 2001-2002; University of North Carolina (UNC) Symposium: Work, Migration & Identity, Jan. 26, 2002 [correspondence, notes, information].
  • 1998; Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville – “Front Page Faith” talk Feb. 10, [notes].
  • 1999; Westminster Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville – Remarks on Pinochet, Nov. 14 [handwritten notes].
  • 2003; Westminster Presbyterian Church, Lenten Series, Adult Education Committee (Charlottesville) – “The Church in the World Today,” March 30 [program, notes, e-mail, correspondence, research]

Casebooks and Articles

  • 1991; “Asylum Crises in the Western Democracies” [correspondence and article] with Virginia Law Weekly editor.
  • 1988; Bellagio Paper – Background documents for “Effect of International Law on Migration Policy and Practice: The Uses of Hypocrisy” – [draft, handwritten notes, correspondence].
  • 1982-19957; Thomas Alexander Aleinikoff and David A. Martin, Immigration: Process and Policy, Casebook – [extensive correspondence between Aleinikoff, Martin, law professors, attorneys, publishers.  Reviews, book reviews, notes, newspaper clippings] [4 folders]


Box 21

  • 1982-1984, 2005; Correspondence re:  David Martin publications
  • 1990; “Family Fairness, Immigration Style: Congress’s Turn” – draft, correspondence.
  • 1994; “Political Asylum in the West: Dying or Recuperating” – correspondence, notes.
  • 2001; Georgetown Immigration Law Journal Symposium Nov. 16-17, “Behind the Scenes on a Different Set” [article by Prof. Martin] [note, correspondence, publication authorization].
  • 1993-1994; “The Myths that Drive Our Policy on Cuban Refugees” (not published) [opinion re Cuban Refugees].
  • 2000; “In Elián’s Interest?” New York Times, April 21, 2000 [notes, e-mail, correspondence, published article].
  • 1985; “The Refugee Definition: Legal Standards and Tragic Choices” article for International Migration Review (IMR) (not published) - correspondence.
  • 1985-1991; Major Issues in Immigration Law – monograph for The Federal Judiciary Center – correspondence, notes.
  • 1999-2000; David A. Martin, The 1995 Asylum Reforms A Historic and Global Perspective, Center for Immigration Studies, May 2000 [Asylum Reform – 5th Anniversary Celebration Paper, notes ].
  • 1982-1983; Michigan J. L. Reform – (Stillborn Article) (Reworked Friedmann Address): “Legal Solutions to Refugee Crises: Tragic Choices” – [draft, notes, correspondence].
  • 2000-2002; National Security Law Casebook, Immigration Chapter, 2nd. Ed. 2002 [correspondence, notes].
  • 1999; “INS Reorganization,” Legal Times, Sep. 1999 [Op-ed article. Fax, correspondence, notes, copy of letter to Sen. Edward Kennedy re INS reorganization].
  • 1990; “Political Asylum: Don’t Starve the New System” [draft for op-ed in the New York Times.  [Notes, correspondence].
  • 1987; “The End of De Facto Asylum” [draft, correspondence].
  • 1989-1994; [Correspondence, notes, publishing contract] for “Reforming Asylum Adjudication”; “Coordination of Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Service Programs: Of Crabgrass and the Philosopher’s Stone”; Philip L. Martin and David A. Martin, The Endless Quest: Helping America’s Farmworkers


Box 22

  • 2000-2002; David A. Martin and Kay Hailbronner, Rights and Duties of Dual Nationals  [correspondence re publication of book, e-mail, project recommendations].
  • 2001-2002; Zadvydas Article: “Graduated Application of Constitutional Protections for Aliens: The Real Meaning of Zadvydas v. Davis,” Supreme Court Review 2001: 47-137 [correspondence].
  • 2004; “The United States Refugee Admissions Program: Reforms for a New Era of Refugee Resettlement” [Authored by Prof. Martin for Department of State].
  • 1999; Virginia Journal of International Law - [correspondence re article on “expedited removal”].

 UVA Law School and Teaching Materials Files

  • 1992; Constitutional Law, Spring 1992 Class Notes
  • 1988; Constitutional Law II – Spring 1988 Class Notes
  • 1983; Immigration Law Course [course outline, syllabus; notes, course evaluation form].
  • 1981; International Human Rights Seminar Supplemental Materials: Refugee Law, Fall 1981 – [reading materials]
  • 1982; International Human Rights Law Supplementary Materials, Part 1 Fall 1982, [course material].
  • 1982; International Human Rights Law Supplement: Refugee Law Fall 1982


Box 22 - 23

  • 1985; International Human Rights Law Supplement: Refugee Law Fall 1985 [3 folders].
  • 1986; International Human Rights Law Supplementary Materials, Part 1 Fall 1986 Mr. Martin [Course Materials].
  • 1988; International Human Rights Fall 1988 Class Notes
  • 1992; International Human Rights Fall 1992 Class Notes [Includes Professor Richard Lillich International Human Rights Law Syllabus and Course Problems for Fall 1991] [2 folders].
  • 1999; International Human Rights Fall 1999 Class Notes [2 folders].
  • 1999; Legislation Class Appearance (Prof. Barbara Armacost), March 5 [notes, research].
  • 1991; Presidential Powers, Spring – Class notes, diagram of class
  • 1994; Presidential Powers, Spring – Class Notes
  • 1986; Property II, Spring – Class notes


Box 24

  • 1986; Property Law Class, Fall – Class notes
  • 1980-1986; Property Law Examinations Instructions  
  • 1985 Refugees Course Outlines [?]
  • 1993; Refugee Law Spring 1993 [syllabus and class supplements] [2 folders].
  • 1995; Refugee Law Spring 1995 Masters I & II
  • 1993-1995; Refugee Law Cases and Materials – [notes, correspondence re course and publication].
  • 1995, 1997-1998; [Refugee and Asylum Law – Syllabus and course outlines [materials not used]
  • 2004-2005; William & Mary Lecture April 18, 2005  Marshall-Wythe School of Law [notes, e-mail; lecture flyers]

 Nobel Peace Laureates Conference and Class

  • 1998; International Law and the Nobel Peace Prize: Central America research
  • 1998; International Law and the Noble Peace Prize: Myanmar research
  • 1998; International Law and the Noble Peace Prize Seminar: reading materials, questions for discussion [Profs. Martin and John Setear] [2 folders].


Box 25

  • 1998; International Law and the Nobel Peace Prize: Human Rights and Arms Control Seminar [correspondence, notes on development of seminar, notes on class topics; Nobel Peace Laureate Conference brochures and program].
  • 1998; International Law and the Nobel Peace Prize Seminar [students final papers and comments from Prof. Martin] [2 folders].
  • 1998; International Law and the Nobel Peace Prize Seminar South Africa [background research on Apartheid].
  • 1998; International Law and the Nobel Peace Prize Seminar supplementary documents for reading.
  • 1998; Nobel Peace Laureates Conference, Dr. Oscar Arias Speech: “Embracing a New Peace: The International Code of Conduct on Arms Transfers”
  • 1997-1998; Nobel Laureates Conference early background documents [notes, e-mails].
  • 1998; Nobel Peace Laureates Conference Educational Series – Speaker Series – correspondence, notes
  • 1998; Nobel Peace Laureates Conference – Extras and left over documents and list of removed printed materials.
  • 1998; Nobel Peace Laureates Conference UN Declaration of Human Rights at 50 Panel Oct. 8, 1998 [e-mail].


Box 26

  • 2004; Alien Tort Statute After Sosa v. Alvarez-Machain: What Future for International Human Rights Litigation in U.S. Courts,” UVA Law School – notes, event flyer].
  • 2004; Law Alumni Board – Speech to UVA Law Alumni Board May 1 [handwritten notes].
  • 2003; American Constitution Society (ACS) – letter; “The New World Refugee Resettlement” Brown Bag talk (Nov. 17, 2003) [Outline of Martin’s talk].
  • 2004; ACS – Brown Bag Session on “Bush’s Temporary Worker Plan,” Feb. 9 [notes].
  • 1980-1984; Annual Reports [Martin’s Annual Reports to UVA Law School].
  • [ca. 1980, 1981] Proposal for a Center for Law & National Security (CLNS)
  • 1998; CLNS National Security Law Summer Training Institute, May 31 - June 12 [notes, seminar information, research].
  • 2000; CLNS Tenth Annual National Security Law Institute for Professors and Practitioners (June 15 [Prof. Martin lectured on Human Rights; conference agenda and information, e-mail; correspondence].
  • 2001-2002; CLNS Eleventh National Security Law Institute (June 2-14, 2002) – correspondence, Copy of Martin’s Op/Ed “How Rhetoric Became Rights”, Washington Post, November 1, 1998; outline of courses; list of participants; Martin’s class information].
  • 2001-2002; Commonwealth 2020 Lecture Series (April 26, 2002) [notes, correspondence].
  • 1999; Comparative Constitutional Law Workshop, Charlottesville Nov. 6-7, 1999 [correspondence, “A Second Look at Afroyim and Terrazas: The Shortcomings of a Purely Rights-Based Approach to Citizenship,” [draft].
  • 2000; UVA School of Law Conference on Public Service and the Law, March 3 - 4 – [conference information; notes, e-mails].
  • 2000-2001; UVA Mortimer Caplin Public Service Center Conference on Public Service and the Law, March 3, 2001 [correspondence, conference information].
  • 2002; UVA School of Law Conference on Public Service and the Law, Feb. 15-16 [notes and conference information].
  • 2003; UVA School of Law Conference on Public Service and the Law, March 14-15 – [conference schedule, notes, e-mail].
  • 2005; UVA School of Law Conference on Public Service and the Law, Feb. 11-12 –[correspondence, agenda, notes].
  • 1999-2004; Correspondence – [Miscellaneous correspondence re UVA Law School].
  • 1999; Exam Taking Panel Discussion sponsored by Virginia Law Women and Black Law Students Association, Nov. 22 [memorandum].
  • 2001; Law Faculty Workshop, Nov. 11 [Curtis A. Bradley, “The Juvenile Death Penalty, International Law, and the Erosion of National Consent,” draft paper, Martin’s notes].
  • 2000; Federalist Society, UVA School of Law, Feb. 8: “Elian, Cuba and the Law” – [program and thank you note].
  • 1983-1984; Ford Foundation Research Proposal – correspondence and proposal
  • 2004; UVA Forum for Contemporary Thought: Discussant on Sassen Paper March 4 – [Martin’s note re Saskia Sassen, “The Participation of States and Citizens in Global Governance” paper].
  • 1998; German American Academic Council Foundation Distinguished Lectureship Program Visit of Prof. Dr. Kay Hailbronner to UVA Law School March 20-27, 1999 [correspondence, e-mails, proposal, lectureship grants information].
  • 2002; “The Dilemma of Elian Gonzalez,” UVA Panel on Elian Gonzalez, Feb. 9, Clark Hall [e-mail; Martin’s notes].
  • 2001; International Human Rights Roundtable with Gary Haugen at UVA School of Law, Feb. 20.
  • 2003; Judge Advocate General (JAG) School Visit Feb. 18 [schedule, notes].
  • 2000; UVA Graduate Program for Judges Talk on The Elian Gonzalez Case July 21, [notes, correspondence].
  • 1994; Haitian Exodus, Lunchtime Discussion, Aug. 16 – notes
  • 1998-2001; J.B. Moore Society of International Law – correspondence.
  • 1998; J.B. Moore Society of International Law - Criminal Aliens Panel [notes].
  • 1999; J.B. Moore Society of International law and Center for National Security Law, “The Crisis Over Kosovo: The Political, Military, Legal, and Humanitarian Dimensions of the Crisis in the Balkans” Panel, April 19 [notes, poster]
  • 1999; J.B. Moore Society of International Law Speakers Series Lecture and Guest Lecturer to Prof. Martin’s class – Walter Kaelin Visit, March 2-4 [e-mails, notes].


Box 27

  • 2000; J.B. Moore Society of International Law Faculty Lunch Series Talk on “Dual Nationality” Nov. 16 [notes, research, correspondence].
  • 2001; J.B. Moore Society of International Law Directory of career opportunities in international law , draft of Martin’s introductory essay to the directory,  March 2001.
  • 2001; J.B. Moore of International Law 50th Anniversary Symposium “Contemporary Challenges in International Law and Security: Improving Frameworks for Legal Responsibility,” Feb. 23-24 [notes, abstracts].
  • 2002; J.B. Moore Society of International Law (Nov. 18): “African Refugees in Guinea,” Nov. 18, 2002 [notes, PowerPoint DVD digitalized].  Also, PVCC (July 3).
  • 2002; J.B. Moore Society of International Law “Combatting Terrorism: Domestic and International Legal Frameworks After September 11,” March 3 – [conference materials, memorandum].
  • 2004-2005; J.B. Moore Society of International Law, “Beyond the War on Terrorism: Comparing Domestic Legal Remedies to an International Dilemma,” Feb. 25-26, 2005 [conference information, notes, papers].
  • 1986; Prof. Dennis Lemieux, Laval University, Québec, Canada Visiting Professor Summer 1986 [correspondence].
  • 1975-1980; Martin’s correspondence re his interest in teaching law – [file Includes Martin’s acceptance of UVA’s Law School offer].
  • 2000; UVA Miller Center of Public Affairs Forum “Politics, Law, and Immigration: Elian Gonzales and Beyond,” March 7 [e-mail; notes, Forum information].
  • 2000; UVA School of Law Profiles from Practice, Janet Napolitano (Law ’83), Arizona Attorney General Public Talk “Managing the Southwest Border,” Oct. 4  [agenda, notes]
  • 2004; Visit of Gov. Janet Napolitano April 21 [e-mail; newsclippings].
  • 2001; David Scheffer Lecture, Nov. 13 [notes, e-mail].
  • 1983-1985; UVA Sesquicentennial Associateship, European Study – correspondence, project description, report
  • 1984-1986 Sesquicentennial Associateship – UVA Center for Advanced Studies – correspondence, reports
  • 1999; Setear’s International Law Class – Lecture on Human Rights, March 11 [notes, teaching materials].
  • 1986; Ninth Sokol Colloquium on International Law “The New Asylum Seekers” [correspondence, notes, memoranda] [2 folders].


Box 28

  • 1985-1988; Sokol [Colloquium] Correspondence [4 folders].
  • 1986-1989; Sokol [Colloquium] Correspondence [Reviews for The New Asylum Seekers; information on the 10th Sokol Colloquium in 1989].
  • 2004; UVA Lorna Sundberg International Center, invitation to talk to Suzanne Louis class, March 30 – [Outline, correspondence, e-mails; David A. Martin, “Migrating Toward Trouble”].
  • 2004; UVA School of Law and the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School Joint Symposium, “International Law and U.S. Government Actions in the Global War on Terror,” Nov. 5 [notes, e-mail, program. Included is letter to President George W. Bush signed by General David A. Brahms, General James Cullen, General Rober Gard, Admiral Lee F. Gunn, General John L. Fugh, General Joseph Hoar, Admiral John D. Hutson, General Richard Omeara].
  • 2004; UVA-LAJC Immigration Pro Bono Project Orientation Meeting, Sept. 9, [outline, notes].
  • 1987, 2004-2005; UVA Law School Events Miscellaneous [e-mail; outline].
  • 1999-2000; Virginia Journal of International Law 40th Anniversary and Celebration, “Domestic and International Enforcement of Human Rights Norms at the Turn of the Millenium: Pinochet and the International Criminal Court,” March 31-April 1, 2000.  Keynote Speaker: Attorney General Janet Reno [conference information; Reno’s address, Martin’s introduction, correspondence, notes].


Box 28, 29

  • 1999-2000; Virginia 2020 Agenda for the Third Century at the University of Virginia,  International Activities Planning Commission – [correspondence, notes, meeting agendas, memoranda, reports, recommendations [7 folders].


Box 29

  • 2002; Seth Waxman Visit, April 11-12 [2002 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law Recipient - correspondence].
  • 2002; UVA School of Law, Women of Color Panel on “Trafficking of Women,” April 9 – [notes, e-mail].
  • ca. 1992; Wu, Michael C. (Class of 1992): “Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Law” [Wu’s paper for Citizenship and Membership Law Class taught by Prof. Martin].

 Asylum and Immigration Research Files

  • ca. 1993; Canada - Background Research Documents re refugees and immigration. [Briefs prepared for the Centre for Refugee Studies, York University re Bill C-86; Immigration Refugee Board, “Guidelines Issued by the Chairperson Pursuant to Section 65(3) of the Immigration Act, Civilian Non Combatants Fleeing Civil War” (July 1994)]
  • 1989; Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board documents [guidelines, memoranda, training materials; Fiji Country Profile].
  • 1985; Asylum and Immigration Research – statistical tables and documents re refugees and asylum seekers in Europe; World Council of Churches Meeting Minutes; U.N. information; news articles; Joachim Henkel: “Foreign Asylum Proceedings, A Comparative Legal Presentation” (translation).


Box 30

  • 1989-1995; Canadian Immigration Law – Correspondence, notes, Canadian documents and drafts on Bill C-86 (1993); Inter-Church Committee for Refugees, The Canadian Council of Churches, Canadian Council for Refugees reports and briefs; printed materials, press releases. [Includes: “Refugee Status Determination in Canada”, notes for remarks by V. Peter Harder, Deputy Minister Designate, Public Security Canada, Round Table at State Department, Washington, July 13, 1993; Denis Lemieux, Official Notice and Specialized Knowledge prepared for the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (1989); Tom Clark, “Human Rights and the Expulsion of an Alien: The Case for a Formal Appeal of an Expulsion Order for Refugee Claimants” (1994); Study Paper on the Immigration Appeal Board (undated) [7 folders].
  • 1982-1983; Canada Sesqui [Folder contains: “Delays in the Refugee Status Determination Process” (April 20, 1983); Employment and Immigration Canada: Immigration Levels 1983-1985 (November 1, 1982) and documents from the Minister, Employment and Immigration]
  • 2003; Vancouver Trip April 4-5, 2003 [Department of Justice Citizenship and Immigration Conference, Vancouver; notes, conference schedule; powerpoint presentation].


Box 31

  • 1991-1994; Background Research on Immigration and Asylum – [Inter-governmental Consultations on Asylum, Refugee and Migration Policies in Europe, North America and Australia documents); journal and news articles, notes] [3 folders].
  • 1988; Europe – Trip to Switzerland, Germany and France, July 1988 – Correspondence and notes from conversations with European scholars and officials.
  • 1988; Europe – General Materials from July 1988 Trip [UNHCR documents Centre for Documentation on Refugees documents; Rapport, Asylum in Europe a Policy Proposal for the New Future Report, Dutch Refugee Council, September 1987; Jonas Widgren, “Asylum Seekers in Europe in the Context of Intercontinental Migration – a contribution to the strategy group meeting in Macolin (January 6, 1988) ].
  • 1990, 1999; Europe and Asylum research – [Academic Group on Immigration –Tampere (AGIT), “Efficient, effective and encompassing approaches to a European Immigration and Asylum Policy” (draft, 1999)]. 

Box 31 - 32

  • 1970-1992; Europe – General [articles, notes, newspaper clippings; Council of Europe documents; statistics. Includes: “Socio-economic Situation of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Austria”; Walter Kälin: “Protection from Forcible Return for De Facto Refugees: Approaches and Principles in International Law”; David Matas: “Fairness in Refugee Determination (1985); Refugee Policy Group, U.S. Refugee Admissions: Processing in Europe, 1985; Mark Miller and Philip Martin: “The Quest for Control: Illegal Immigration to Western Europe and the United States” (1992), project supported by German Marshall Fund; Testimony  of Mark J. Miller: “An Assessment of Enforcement of Employer Sanctions in Western Europe” for the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and Refugee Policy (Apr. 10, 1992); Kay Hailbronner: Arbeitspapier 2 Rechtsvergleichender Überblick Über Die Entwicklung des Asylerechts in Einigen Westeuropăischen Staaten und Kanada; UNHCR Survey on the functioning of asylum procedures in States in Europe and North America, prepared by Jonas Widgren (July 1990); Seminar on the Functioning of the Asylum Procedures: “Preliminary draft survey on the functioning of asylum procedures in States in Europe and North America” (June 1990); European Commission of Human Rights, Applications by Nadarajah Vilvatajah, Vaithialingam Skandarajah, Saravamuthu Sivakumaran, Vathanan Navratnasingam and Vinnasithamby Rasalingam against the United Kingdom, Report of the Commission (May 1990)] [9 folders].
  • 1990; Trip to Europe [to research European refugee law and policy. Notes, correspondence, research materials].
  • 1990-1993; European Research Trip, Dec. 1-8, 1993 [correspondence, notes, schedule].


 Box 33

  • 1984-1985; France – Martin’s interview notes and documents [notes, correspondence, research materials].
  • 1993; Europe Asylum – France – Independent Research 1
  • 1983-1995; France - Background Research Documents on Immigration Laws – [French government documents; journal and newspaper articles re immigration; FTDA France Terre D’ Asile, La Lettre d’ Information, No. 53, 54; Terre D’ Asile documents; L’ Office National d’ Immigration: “Les services, Les missions, Les moyens,” “La régulation des flux migratories,” “L’insertion des travailleurs et des familles,” “Les actions d’information’; G.I.S.T.I.: “La Loi du 17 Juillet 1984 et son application; Anafé, Association Nationale d’Assistance aux Frontières por le Étrangers documents; memoranda from research assistants] [6 folders].
  • 1983-1994; Newspaper clippings and magazine articles re: French asylum immigration laws and issues
  • 1985; Germany and Holland Trip, July – Correspondence and interview notes [Martin’s extensive handwritten notes of interviews with German officials and scholars] [2 folders].


Box 34

  • 1985-1986; Germany – Detlev, Oelfke [lawyer, Hannover, Germany - correspondence, research, articles].
  • 1965-1991; Germany – Legal Instruments [German documents, survey. Eckart Schiffer,” The right of asylum in the Federal Republic of Germany” (1984); translation of “Survey of the Policy Law Regarding Aliens in the Federal Republic of Germany” (1984, 1985, 1991)].
  • 1992; Germany – Law on Asylum Procedure as of 26 June 1992
  • 1992-1994; Germany – German documents re immigration and asylum [Aufzeichnung zur Ausländerpolitik und zum Ausländerrecht in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (April 1993); Elmar Hönekopp: “The New East-West Migration in Europe” (November 1993)]
  • 1994; Germany – Martin’s notes and research documents. [Includes translation of Kurt Schelter, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior before the European Commission in the Federal Republic of Germany on “Current priorities of the German Presidency for the Cooperation in the Fields of Justice and Home Affairs” (16 June 1994)]
  • 1985; Netherlands [Martin’s handwritten notes of interviews with Dutch officials and scholars].
  • 1993 ca.; Netherlands – Research Documents
  • 1985-1986; Sri Lanka [Amnesty International Report: “Sri Lanka: Reports of Recent Violations of Human Rights and Amnesty International’s Opposition to Refoulement of the Tamil Community to Sri Lanka (1985); CERD Report on Sri Lanka; news article].


Box 34, 35

  • 1984; Switzerland – Initiatives and Referendum Relating to Aliens – notes.
  • 1985, 1990, 1993; Switzerland Interview notes and correspondence with Walter Schmid and Walter Kälin
  • 1980-1986; Switzerland Laws and Regulations
  • 1979-1994; Switzerland – Background Research Documents [Includes: Federal Council Report on the Swiss Aliens and Refugee Policy (1991); Bericht and den Bundesrat bezüglich Organisationsüberprüfung im Bundesamt für Flüchtlinge (BFF) (1993); Ausgaben BFF (1993); G. Zürche, Promoting Voluntary Return, Bern, 1993; Asylon, Nr. 9, November 1991] [2 folders].


Box 35, 36

  • 1990; United Kingdom Interview Notes – correspondence and handwritten notes
  • 1980-1995; United Kingdom Background Research Documents on Immigration Law – [notes, and research materials re U.K. immigration system and asylum policies; documents from the Immigration Appeal Tribunal and The British Refugee Council; Refugee Community News newsletters; some statistics, printed materials] [6 folders].



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