Including members of the Class of 1926, Class of 1927, Class of 1928 and Class of 1929. Allen M. Beard, Walter L. Brown, Charles G. Buck, John D. Carr, Lewis C. Carroll, LeRoy R. Cohen Jr., Paul H. Coleman, Edwin H. Copenhaver, John T. Delaney, Allyn Dillard, Hardy C. Dillard (Class of 1927 fourth Dean of the School of Law [1963-1968] - first row third from left), Mansfield C. Fuldner, Claude L. Gray, Robert C. Grove, Richard W. Hagan Jr., Robert L. Hinds, Edwin R. Holmes Jr., Albert S. Kemper, Richard S. Leftwich, J. M. B. Lewis Jr., James B. Lovelace, John P. McGuire Jr., H. Maxwell Parker, Nathan S. Poffenbarger, William S. Potter, John Ritchie III, Adolphus B. Scott, Kingham C. Shelburne, Charles H. Smith, McLane Tilton III, and R. Harrel Whilden.

Collection RG 106-80 | Records of the Law Library
Box Photograph Collection
Folder Va. Law Review 1925-26 [Students]
Date 1926
Physical Description Sepia
Type Photo - Color
Genre Faculty/Student
Negative Negative In Collection
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