Accompanying text: The University of Virginia Law Library received its 200,000th volume on November 1, 1969. The book entitled "Criminal Law and its Processes" co-authored by Law School Dean Monrad G. Paulsen [Class of 1838, fifth Dean of the School of Law [1968-1976]] was presented by Dean Paulsen to Law Librarian Frances G. Farmer in ceremonies held in the West Wing of the Law Library's main reading room in Clark Hall -- the same setting where on February 10, 1953 similar ceremonies where [sic] held for the presentation of the 100,000th volume. The Law Library had doubled its collection in 16 years. Preceding the 200,000th volume ceremonies, Arthur J. Morris '01 [Class of 1901], the benefactor who provided funds for the Law Library's Morris Catalog Project, was honored at breakfast ceremonies held in the Commonwealth Room of Newcomb Hall.