Virginia Law Review Members including members of the Class of 1961 and Class of 1962. First row: Thomas O. Moore Jr., D. Lurton Massee Jr., Collins Denny III, John B. Rhinelander, W. Foster Wollen, and George U. Carneal. Second row: Grant B. Hering, A. E. Dick Howard, Robert D. Bentley, Antoinette C. Bentley, David C. Linehan, James C. Barlow Jr., Charles S. Crompton, and Alan R. Weiner. Third row: James A. Goldstein, Richard C. Johnson, Norman A. Scher, James E. McKinney, Charles M. Kidd, P. B. Konrad Knake Jr., Edward M. Payne III, Bernard J. McNamee, Raymond M. Zimmet, James G. Apple, and Gwynne E. Old. Fourth row: William R. Dorsey III, Barry Kantor, Stanford S. Warshawsky, Richard V. Whelan Jr., Peter L. Dawson, Kurt Berggren, Frank C. Galloway Jr., John E. Corette III, Edwin H. Kershner, Jerry L. Oppenheimer, and Thomas W. Thagard Jr. Fifth Row: David R. Peasback, Ronnie A. Yoder, C. Van L. Stewart, David A. Gibson, Rex H. Sater, Thomas D. Soutter, Samuel S. Polk, Edward W. Probert, Samuel J. Henry, and Charles W. Havens III. Sixth row: Gerald E. Gilbert, Lewis M. Costello, Lee C. Kitchin, William J. O'Shaughnessy, Stephen B. Clarkson, and Alan M. Stark. Seventh row: G. Marshall Mundy, Jack P. Ray, Alan A. Green, Palmer S. Rutherford Jr., Norman K. Moon, Michael W. Leisure, Richard W. Dortch, and Ralph M. Whitticar III.

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Folder Va. Law Review members 1960-61 [Students]
Date 1961
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