Photograph of the Virginia Constitutional Convention, Richmond, Virginia. Convened April 30, 1945.
First Row (left to right): Page Pvt. Wm. H. Campbell; Page PFC Raymond R. Hopkins; Ass't Secy. John R. Jeter; Chmn. Permanent Organization Committee, Watkins M. Abbitt; 1st V. Pres. E. Sclater Montague; Chmn. of Privileges and Elections Committee, George C. Peery; President J. Sinclair Brown; Governor Colgate W. Darden, Jr.; Temporary Chmn. John J. Wicker, Jr.; 2nd V. Pres. W. Marshall King; Secretary E. Griffith Dodson; Chmn. of Expenditures, Journal and Enrollment Committee, S. J. Thompson; Page Pvt. Raymond B. Pippin.
Second Row: Wm. B. Snidow; Thos. B. Fugate; Ernest C. Lacy; W. L. Joyce; Chas. E. Anderson; Asst. Sgt. at Arms T. W. Gregory; John T. DuVal; Otto Lowe; Edwin B. Meade; Guy B. Hazelgrove; Sydney F. Small; Page PFC Thos. G. Winston; Page Ph. M. Donald C. Trout.
Third Row: George F. Blankenship; Dixon F. Flanary; J. Sloan Kuykendall; David A. Harrison, Jr.; F. Earle Lutz; Frank L. Ball; Wm. K. Allen; James Mann; James W. Roberts; C. C. Vaughn, III; Walker C. Williams; Sgt. at Arms Lovick P. Law.
Fourth Row: Chas. C. Wright; Ben C. Garrett, Jr.; George Walker; Wm. N. Breckinridge; J. Leon Codd; Herbert McK. Smith; John W. Tisdale; Robt. Gilliam; Robinson Moncure; R. Dixon Powers; Edwin H. Gibson; Secy. of Comwlth. Ralph E. Wilkins.
Fifth Row: Second Doorkeeper Louis F. Ayres; Com. Clerk L. D. Booth; Janitor Stonewall J. Goddin; Com. Clerk John J. Fray; Com. Clerk C. K. Hunter.
Not in picture: Delegate W. J. Snydor and First Doorkeeper L. Stanford Finney. Photograph by Colonial Studios, Richmond, Virginia.