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Collection Description & Arrangement

This addition to the Records of the Virginia Law Review (1968, 1981-1996, 1999-2000, 2004-2005) was transferred to Special Collections in the Spring of 2014. The editors communicated with Kristin Glover and left a book-truck in front of her office with the new files. These files consist 8 boxes (3.3 linear ft.).     

The documents were organized chronologically in binders with the name of the editor-in-chief at the time.  Special Collections kept the original organization.   

Acquisition Information

Date Received 2014

Content List

Box 1

  • 1968; Rothman Company – Virginia Law Review Contract [Correspondence and contract apparently reviewed by then UVA Law Professor Antonin Scalia]
  • 1981 – 1982; Mark W. Merritt, Editor-in-Chief (4 folders)

f.1;1981, March – 1982, Feb.; Letters to Dean’s Office [includes correspondence with Richard A. Merrill re alternative ways to grant credit to journal members; letter from Janet Napolitano to Dean Merrill about concerns of the try-out procedures established by VLR, and editor’s in chief response; and some other administrative issues; Letters received – Incoming correspondence and memoranda. [Law School Memoranda re Academic Credit for Activities Implementation and draft re upper-class writing requirements; The Law Council memorandum re Extra-Curricular Credit Alternatives (March 12, 1981); VLR jobs descriptions (Apr. 1982); Evaluation of the VLR Notes Department; The Roger and Madeleine Traynor Prize award; Ted Kennedy, Sandra Day O’Connor letters declining invitation of the VLR Association (Nov. 2, 1981); memoranda re UVA tuition increases (Feb. 1982)

f.2; Letters to authors – VLR Outgoing correspondence

f.3; 1981-1982; Letters to faculty – Primarily thank you notes to UVA Law Faculty; VLR Internal Administrative Memoranda

f.4; 1981-1982; Editorial Board Memoranda; Miscellaneous Correspondence – with other law reviews, firms and practitioners, printers, with Supreme Court clerks and other clerks and alumni.

  • 1981; Word Processing Equipment – Proposal and Report re acquisition of word processing equipment at the University of Virginia.  Agreement between Virginia Law Review, Virginia Journal of International Law; Virginia Tax Review, and Virginia Journal of Natural Resources Law to collectively sublease word processing equipment.
  • 1982 – 1983; Marlin Risinger, Editor-in-Chief (1 of 3 folders)

f. 1; Managing and Editorial Boards Memoranda, schedules, list of awards, internal correspondence


Box 2

  • 1982 – 1983; Marlin Risinger, Editor-in-Chief (2-3 folders)

f. 2; Letters to authors, to faculty and to Dean Merrill and to Registrar of the UVA Law School.

f.3; Miscellaneous correspondence re Biomedical Ethics Symposium; correspondence related to “views about reduction on the number of issues published of the VLR” with some former VLR editors and others; incoming correspondence

  • 1983-1984; Ruth Landstrom, Editor-in-Chief (2 folders)

f. 1; Editorial and Managing Boards memoranda, schedules, list of awards, internal correspondence

f.2; Letters to authors and incoming correspondence and memoranda, including correspondence from H. Lane Kneedler, Associate Dean of the Law School; Dean Richard A. Merrill; face-book of VLR members

  • 1984; Lexis West Law Contract
  • 1984; Copyright – Certificate of Copyright Registration
  • 1985; Bob Iuliano, Editor-in-Chief – Management and Editorials Board Memoranda


Box 3

  • 1986-1987; Michael P. Vandenbergh, Editor-in-Chief (2 folders)

f. 1; Correspondence; Managing Board agendas; updates to faculty; internal memoranda including Affirmative Action Study Committee; Articles Development Editor’s Guide

f.2; Correspondence with Dean Richard Merrill and faculty, writers, editors; ABA Memorandum re “Multiple Submissions of Unsolicited Articles to Law Reviews”.

  • 1987; Wendy Rogovin, Editor-in-Chief (3 folders)

Correspondence and memoranda.  Includes internal memoranda from the Managing and Editorial Boards; also some files re the implementation of the Virginia Plan (affirmative action); Memo re Members of University Committees (9-29-1986); memoranda re contribution of state funds to Law Review; outgoing correspondence.


Box 4

  • 1988-1989; Bruce M. Braun, Editor-in-Chief (3 folders)

f. 1; Incoming and outgoing correspondence; includes UVA Memorandum of 1988/89 Student Government, Organizations, and Media; Law Review rankings; memo from Prof. Bill Stuntz re Applicants for Supreme Court clerkships (2-7-1989); By-Laws, Virginia Law Review Association, Inc.

f.2; Memoranda and correspondence with fellow students and faculty; Editor in Chief Manual; schedules;  “The Virginia Plan”; Letter from Louis Auchincloss (9-10-1988)

f. 3; Articles.  Correspondence with authors and memo to Articles Review Board (2-28-1988)

  • 1989-1990; Ronald J. Tenpas, Editor-in-Chief (1-3 folders)

f.1; Managing and Editorial Boards correspondence, directories, facebooks, memoranda, schedules; Memorandum re: Proposed Virginia Plan Selection Procedures (April 1989); Grading into Law Review Memo (Sept. 1989)


Box 5

  • 1989-1990; Ronald J. Tenpas, Editor-in-Chief (2-3 folders)

f.2.; Business Managing Board and printer correspondence; correspondence with Law Faculty and other student organizations; Memo from Dean Thomas H. Jackson re student activities at Law School; miscellaneous correspondence.

f.3; Notes Department – Memoranda, writing tryouts, outlines, some correspondence.

  • 1990-1991; Andrew C. Friedman, Editor-in-Chief (3 folders)

f.1; Directories, facebooks, memoranda, schedules. – [Dear First Year Student Memo; Welcome remarks from Andrew Friedman to students re student organizations at the Law School]; correspondence with authors; includes Antonin Scalia remarks made at the Memorial Program for Dean Emerson Spies.

f.2; Internal Memoranda re grading procedures; writing tryouts; Virginia Plan Application; topic selections and suggestions

f.3; Law Review membership provisions, memoranda, writing competition; grading instructions; budget request


Box 6

  • 1991-1992; Charles P. Lord, Editor-in-Chief (3 folders)

f.1; Managing and Editorial Boards agendas, internal memoranda, correspondence; Virginia Law Review Statement of Purpose; Amendments to By-Laws; schedules

               f.2; Correspondence and memoranda re Virginia Plan Procedures; budget projections

               f.3; Correspondence; Notes Department memoranda and correspondence with authors

  • 1992-1993; Mary E. Kostel, Editor-in-Chief (2 folders)

f.1; Memoranda, correspondence, agendas, scheduling, assignments

f.2; Meetings agendas; By-Laws Amendments; memoranda re selection, duties, tryout instructions; Virginia Plan memoranda; general correspondence


Box 7

  • 1993-1994; Ethan G. Shenkman, Editor-in-Chief (3 folders)

f.1; Schedules; agendas and memoranda, including tryout process and confidentiality; Olin Symposium in Law and Economics, Conference of the “Revision of Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code”: memoranda, agenda, programs; Articles Department correspondence with authors; “Articles Development Editor Responsibilities” memo.

f. 2; Notes Department: memoranda, schedules; “Proposed try-out topics”; book reviewers and essays: memoranda, lists; Editorial Board Selections: memoranda, correspondence with faculty and Law School administrators between Charles P. Lord and Assistant Dean Elizabeth Lowe re class ranking mistake; Editorial Board Selections: memoranda and correspondence.

f. 3; Darden Move: User group discussion of space needs at the Law School memo to Ayers, Saint, Gross Architects, correspondence, copies of student organizations blueprints; correspondence with other journals; “Week After”: correspondence, agendas, memoranda related to the Virginia Law Review Symposium on Sexual Orientation and the Law (April 23-24, 1993) and publishing authors including Nadine Strossen; “Week Before”: correspondence and memoranda re VLR issues; Virginia Plan memoranda and guidelines; Managing Board Selections; schedules, memoranda.

  • 1994-1995; Erik Lillquist, Editor-in-Chief (2 folders)

f.1; Schedules; memoranda and agendas, Managing Board Minutes; Articles Department:  memoranda; books and essays: memoranda; miscellaneous documents re other journals;  Darden move; try-outs; memoranda re relationship between journals and academic mission of the Law School; changes to By-laws and Managing Board; Family Law Symposium.

f.2; Editorial Board selection and recruitment; membership: orientation and other issues; Virginia Plan Committee packet of information and memoranda; Notes Department: tryouts and memoranda; Managing Board selections; miscellaneous correspondence and “First Year Council Survey on Journal Tryouts”.


Box 8

  • 1995-1996; Viva Moffatt, Editor-in-Chief (2 folders)

f.1; Proposed By-laws Change; Articles: correspondence, memoranda, editorial policies; symposium proposals; Darden: copy of blueprints of VLR new offices in the old Darden building; Managing Board and Notes Department memoranda.

f.2; Virginia Plan: Grading and Selection Process memorandum, application, history, memoranda; editorial guidelines; new members; applications, Law Review Positions Descriptions; miscellaneous documents and some correspondence with authors including Prof. Michael Klarman.

  • 1999-2000; Scott D. Danzis, Editor-in-Chief – Virginia Law Review Office Manual
  • 2004-2005; Virginia Law Review Memorabilia: Prof. Michael Klarman thank you note; “50 Years of Brown v. Board of Education Symposium brochures, (February 20-21, 2004); 2004 Commencement Exercises for the School of Law, University of Virginia, May 16, 2004; Virginia Law Review invitation to the 2005 Annual Banquet, February 24, 2005.
  •  2014 (1987-1988); Phil Busch articles and correspondence sent to Ronald J. Fisher, articles editor of VLR, to commemorate the 100th years of Virginia Law Review
  • 2014; Fisher, Ronald J.: “One Hundred Years of Law Reviewed,” reprint


Photographs (transferred to Special Collections photograph collection)

  • 1996; Virginia Law Review new offices at Slaughter Hall.  Photos of construction
  • 1996, Fall; Virginia Law Review members in Withers-Brown Hall office before move to Slaughter Hall
  • 1996, Nov.; Virginia Law Review members in new offices at Slaughter Hall (old Darden building) and photos of reception in new offices (13 photos)
  • 1996, Nov.; Virginia Law Review reception at new offices
  • 1997; Virginia Law Review Banquet at The Rotunda
  • n.d. [ca. 2007]; Virginia Law Review Reception at Slaughter Hall


Oversized (in oversized cabinet basement)

  • Poster: Virginia Law Review Centennial Symposium, Friday March 28, Saturday March 29, 2014.  

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