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Vertical files with faculty memorabilia gathered by Special Collections since 1982. Stored in file cabinet in Special Collections Office. Consist of newspapers articles, papers, invitations, programs, etc.

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Date Received 2014

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  • 2007, October 20; Alford, Neill Herbert Jr. – Obituary
  • 2007, Oct.; Bonnie, Richard J. – Jefferson Award.  VLW: Vol. 60, No. 10, 9 November 207; InsideUVA, Vol. 37, No. 18, 9 November 2007; List of Thomas Jefferson Award Recipients
  • Boyd, Munford T. – Biographical sketch.  Newspaper clippings
  • 1985; Boyd, Munford T. – Resolution by the Virginia Bar
  • 1956; Buckler, Leslie – Exchange of letters with Carroll Poole, Class of 1950.  Donated by Mr. Poole in April of 2001
  • Cowen, Sir Zelman, Menzies Scholar-in-Residence, 19 March -24 April 1983 – Paper and his speech to the Boston Bar Association.
  • Dabney, Walter D. – Paper, letter (25 June 1898) and Memorial from Virginia State Association Reports
  • Davis, John A.  – Discourse on the Life and Character of the Late John A. G. Davis, Professor of Law in the University of Virginia, Delivered Before the Society of Alumni, June 29th, 1847, Richmond, Printed 
  • Dietz, Park Elliot – Newspaper clippings
  • Dillard, Hardy D. Memorial – Remarks of Dean Richard A. Merrill (19 November 1982); Thomas C. Gordon, Jr,; Covey T. Oliver; correspondence from James J. Kilpatrick, Justice Lewis F. Powell, Herbert Weschler, Harry A. Inman; Virginia USDCWD Judge Ted Dalton; Albert S. Kemper, Jr.; John N. Dalton; Albertis S. Harrison, Jr.; V. R. Shackelford, Jr. ; Richmond Times Dispatch editorial remembrance (17 November 1982); Message from Governor Charles S. Robb; message from Myres McDougal; Commemorative Program; newspaper clippings (2 folders)
  • Dobie, Armistead H. – Articles from Virginia State Bar Association: “Reminiscences of a Teacher of Law”(1932), “The Revision of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure”.
  • Dobie, Armistead H. – Memorial, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals 18 January 1963
  • Farmer Frances -  Memorabilia.
  • Farmer, Frances – Marsha Trimble notes for 1995 UVA Law Report article
  • Folk, Ernest L. III – Obituaries, program for memorial service (16 November 1989)
  • Gilmore, James H. – Daily Progress account of Gilmore’s removal from by Board of Visitors (4 August 1896) [Newspaper clipping given by Miss Helen Duke in 1978]
  • Glenn, Garrard – Biographical 35 Va. L. Rev. [i] (1949)
  • Golulooff, Risa L. – Cover of The Lost Promise of Civil Rights
  • Graves, Charles Alfred – Papers and Memorial from Virginia State Bar Association Reports: Charles Alfred Graves by Armistead Dobie ; The Forged Letter of General Robert E. Lee; Notes on Torts; Memorial by Prof. Kent Sinclair (1986); Dedicatory pages from Virginia Law Review (19290 and Richmond Times Dispatch 16 August 1946 clipping: Graduate Records Make Law School Famous.
  • Gregory, Charles O. – Memorials.  Virginia Law Review (May 1967); Connecticut Law Review (Spring 1987) and letter from Robert L. Hirtle Jr. remembering Prof. Gregory’s torts class (2 September 1987)
  • Isbell, David – Civil Liberties Seminar.  VLW 7 December 2007
  • Johnson, Alex – Inside UVA clipping (2002)
  • Lile, William Minor – Address and Memorial from Virginia State Bar Association Reports
  • Lillich, Richard B. – Obituary and In Remembrance Program (3 August 1996)
  • Lilly, Graham C. – copies of clippings
  • Mahoney, Paul – clippings  re appointment as Dean of the Law School
  • McCulloch, Frank W. – Obituary
  • Merrill, Richard A. – VLW clippings
  • Minor, John B. – Tribute written for Virginia Law Register by James C. Lamb, 1895; copies of The Farewell Address of John B. Minor to His Students; copies of Virginia Law Register, Vol. I, no 7. And The Green Bag, Vol. Vii, No.9, 1985)
  • Minor, Raleigh Colston – Raleigh Colston Minor, Scholar, teacher, Jurist, Leader of American International Thinking by Edward James Woodhouse.  No provenance, disbound copy.
  • Nash, Charles Patterson – Memorial written by Neill H. Alford, Jr.
  • O’Neill, Robert M. – Clippings; The Inauguration of Robert Marchant O’Neil as President of the University of Virginia, Wednesday, second of October Nineteen hundred eighty-five, Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • Paulsen, Monrad Gotke. – Clippings and bibliography, 1967-1968; A Tribute to Monrad G. Paulsen, 8 March 1981; Va. L. Rev. , Vol. 67, Apr. 1981; Va. L. Rev. Vol. 63, Mar. 1977.
  • Rhinelander, Laurens – memorial Program 6 January 1992
  • Ribble, Frederick D. G. – Newspaper and magazine clippings 1961-1963
  • Ribble, Frederick D. G. – Speech by Hugo Sonnenschein Jr., Class of 1941 at Law Day Host’s Dinner 2 May 1963.
  • Scott, Robert E. – Profile in Explorations, Research Highlights from the University of Virginia, Fall 1996.
  • Slynn [of Hadley], Lord Gordon – Visiting Professor Obituaries
  • Spies, Emerson – Program for memorial and related memoranda, clippings
  • Weber, F. Palmer – Research Chair in Law - Obituary
  • Wheeler Bennett, Sir John – Daily Progress clipping, 1967
  • White, William H. Jr. – Invitations and clippings re presentation of portrait; obituary.
  • Wilson, Woodrow – biography information re UVA days
  • Woodward, Calvin – Essay: “The effect of historical change on University purpose”, n.d.
  • Woltz, Charles K. – article and obituary

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