Date of Decision: 1767
Abstract: This case involved a Scottish land tenure known as the feu, in which a superior granted perpetual enjoyment of land to a vassal in return for an annual payment known as the feu duty. Patrick Lyon, Earl of Strathmore, feued the estates of Little Blair and Lochend to his factor James Coupar of Coupar Grange in return for a feu duty of L. 20 Scots. Feu duties on the property were also due to Viscount Stormont, who was Lord of Erection. After being transferred in two judicial sales, Lochblair came to be held by pursuer Captain George Oliphant Kinloch. Kinloch initiated a court proceeding to determine who was liable for the feu duties due to Viscount Stormont, claiming that the duties should be paid the Earl of Strathmore.
Subjects: Feu duties

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People or Organizations Associated with Case

Advocate for Defender:
James Burnett
Lord Ordinary:
Alexander Boswell, Lord Auchinleck
Named in case documents:
David Coupar, of New Grange, Creditor of Henry Ramsay
Henry Ramsay, Former owner of Little Blair
Patrick Lyon, Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, Great-grandfather of Defender
David Murray, 5th Viscount Stormont, Lord of Erection
James Coupar, Former owner of Little Blair
Margaret Gib, Spouse to James Coupar
Gilbert Coupar, Former owner of Little Blair
Andrew Coupar, Eldest son of James Coupar and Margaret Gib
James Coupar Jr., Son of James Coupar and Margaret Gib
Advocate for Pursuer:
David Graeme