Date of Decision: 1803
Abstract: Case involves the question of whether the defendant must apply the rents from Staffold estate in the English county of Cumberland to extinguish a debt due from George Ross to Richard Lowthian, deceased husband to the defender and uncle to Ross.
Subjects: Husband and Wife, Burgage, Debt, Terce

Published Report

"Shaw's Digest." Bell and Lamond, Digests of Cases Decided in the Supreme Courts of Scotland, 2: 837


Richard Lowthian, Esq., Held title to Staffold estate in England among other properties in England and Scotland. Died in 1784.
Mrs. Sarah Aglianby, Wife of the deceased Richard Lowthian.
Trustee/Tutor/Representative for Defender:
Sir Wilfred Lawson, Baronet, Executor in trust for deceased Defender

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Named in case documents:
George Ross, Nephew to Richard Lowthian, pursuer.
Thomas Bird, Nephew to Richard Lowthian, pursuer.
Lowthian Ross
H. Corrie, W.S.
Kenneth Mackenzie, of Inverinate