Date of Decision: 1767
Abstract: Pursuers Mary and Margaret Murray, who claimed to be heirs apparent to the estate of Shian, brought an action of exhibition ad deliberandum; that is, they sought the production of documents to help them decide whether to take up the succession. The Earl of Breadalbane claimed that he had obtained good title to Shian, blocking the Murrays’ succession. Therefore, he sought to avoid producing additional documents.
Subjects: Entail, Exhibition Ad Deliberandum, Heir-apparent, Succession, Tailzie

Published Report

Not Reported


John Campbell, 3rd Earl of Breadalbane
Margaret Murray
Mary Murray
James Mackie, Husband to Margaret Murray

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Advocate for Defender:
George Cokburne
Alexander Lockhart, Lord Covington
Named in case documents:
James Menzies, Entailer of Shian
Helen Graham, Spouse to Entailer
Christian Menzies, Sister of Entailer
Robert Murray, Brother-in-law of Entailer
Janet Murray, Niece of Entailer
Alexander Menzies, Spouse to Janet Murray
James Menzies, Heir of entail
Archibald Menzies, Heir of entail
Captain James Menzies, of Comrie, Trustee to Archibald Menzies
William Menzies, Heir upon investitures
Alexander Murray, Heir of line to James Menzies; grandfather to Pursuers
John Murray, Heir of line to James Menzies; father to Pursuers
Mungo Graham, of Gorthy, Brother of Helen Graham
James Ferguson, 2nd Laird of Pitfour, Lord Pitfour, Arbiter
Lord Ordinary:
Francis Garden, Lord Gardenstone
Advocate for Pursuer:
Robert Blair, of Avontoun, Lord Avontoun
Alexander Elphinstone, of Glack