Date of Decision: 28 Jan 1800
Abstract: The Magistrates of Canongate, defenders, were authorized by statute to levy customs duties at the Water Gate with respect to certain articles at particular rates. For many years, the Magistrates had charged higher rates and levied duties on articles not mentioned in the statute. In 1795, the Magistrates published a new table of duties that served to increase rates and to add new articles. Pursuers Andrew Wauchope, the Trustees of the Post Road District, and William Scott (Procurator-fiscal of the County of Edinburgh) challenged the Magistrates’ authority to charge duties not specifically authorized by the statute.
Subjects: Community

Published Report

William Morison, The Decisions of the Court of Session (1811), App. 1, No. 1


People or Organizations Associated with Case

H. Clk.
Mr. Home
Named in case documents:
Robert Beatson, Haver
Archibald Aitken, Haver
William Dunbar, Deponent
William Murray, Deponent
George Scott, Deponent
Andrew Kirkwood, Deponent
James Callander, Deponent
James Muir, Deponent
Robert Maxwell, Deponent
Robert Chrichton, Deponent
Andrew Gardner, Past litigant
John Aitchison, Deponent
James Brown, Deponent
George Brown, Deponent
James Aitchison, Deponent
William Bell, Deponent
John Henderson, Deponent
Andrew Aitken, Deponent
James Aitken, Haver
Advocate for Pursuer:
David Cathcart
R. Dundas
Advocate for Defender:
Charles Hope
Geo. Cranstoun
Lord Ordinary:
Lord Glenlee
Jo. Peat
James Marshall, W.S.

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