Date of Decision: 9 Jul 1800
Abstract: The candlemakers in Dalkeith routinely entered into one-year contracts with the Society of Fleshers to purchase the tallow from slaughtered cattle. This tallow was provided at a fixed price, and the candlemakers were entitled to examine it and receive a discount for any impurities they found. In 1799, the candlemakers sought, and obtained, a regulation providing for two appointees to search the tallow for impurities before it was transferred to them. The fleshers argued that this regulation should be suspended—or, at minimum, that they should receive a higher price—because the candlemakers were not entitled to receive purified tallow at the established contract price.
Subjects: Jurisdiction

Published Report

William Morison, The Decisions of the Court of Session (1811), 15

People or Organizations Associated with Case

A. Ferrie
M. Clk.
Advocate for Charger:
Robert Corbet
R. Dundas
Advocate for Suspender:
Thomas W. Baird
Named in case documents:
John White
George Taylor
William Kinniburgh, Searcher
Andrew Plumber, Searcher
James Plumber, Searcher
James Smith, Searcher
John Lawrie
William Scott, Procurator-fiscal of court
Mr. Cundell
John Cowan
Christopher Armstrong & Son
Lord Ordinary:
Lord Ankerville