Date of Decision: 25 Jan 1800
Abstract: This case was about how to determine which parish should pay for the maintenance of an impoverished child. The child, Anne Coathill, was born in Arbroath, but she and her parents, James Coathill and Janet Buik, soon moved to St Vigeans. After Janet died, Anne was sent to live with relatives in Alyth, including pursuers Martha Buik and Isabel Howie. Joined by the Kirk-session of Alyth, these relatives sought maintenance from the parishes of Arbroath and St Vigeans. Case documents include several depositions.
Subjects: Poor

Published Report

William Morison, The Decisions of the Court of Session (1811), 1


Martha Buik, Aunt of Pauper
Isobel Howie, Grandmother of Pauper
Rev. Colin Symers, Minister of the Parish of Alyth
Kirk-Session of Alyth
Rev. George Gleig, Minister of the Parish of Arbroath
Kirk-Session of Arbroath
Rev. John Aitken, Minister of the Parish of St. Vigean's
Kirk-Session of St. Vigean's

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Advocate for Pursuer:
Ro. Craigie
Named in case documents:
James Coathill, Father of Pauper
Janet Buik, Mother of Pauper
Anne Coathill, Pauper
George Buik, Uncle of Pauper
Charles Allan, Deponent
Elspeth Buik, Deponent
Thomas Mudie
Isabel Hodgeton, Deponent
Robert Butchart
Walter Low, Deponent
John Peter Jr., Deponent
James Bertie, Deponent
John Weir, Deponent
Edward Paterson
John Smith
Sir James Colquhoun, of Luss, 2nd Baronet of Great Britain
C. Clerk
Jo. MacRitchie
George Watson
James Knox
Lord Ordinary:
Robert Cullen, Lord Cullen
Advocate for Defender:
Geo. Cranstoun
Adam Gillies, of Kintrochat, Lord Gillies