Date of Decision: 2 Dec 1800
Abstract: After having a child outside of marriage, Jean Farquharson brought an action against Alexander Anderson for declarator of marriage or, in the alternative, damages for seduction. Anderson denied fathering Farquharson’s child. To prove their cases, the parties proffered many depositions of local residents who had witnessed events material to the case. Alleging that Anderson had engaged in a scheme of witness tampering, Farquharson objected to the admissibility of several such depositions. Case materials include reprinted depositions, excerpts from depositions, and references to many individuals in the local community.
Subjects: Witness

Published Report

William Morison, The Decisions of the Court of Session (1811), 2

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Named in case documents:
Isobel Forbes, Deponent
William Downie
Rev. John Gordon, Deponent
Isobel Macconoch, Deponent
Alexander Farquharson, Deponent
Isabel Wattie, Deponent
Mrs. Gordon, Sister of Pursuer
John Ley, Deponent
Mr. Gordon, Brother-in-law of Pursuer
John Clark, Deponent
Alexander Milne
Grant, of Lurg, Deponent
Margaret Macdonald, Deponent
James Graffick, Deponent
Alexander Forbes, Captain, Deponent
Elizabeth Macgregor, Deponent
Rev. Robert Farquharson, Brother of Pursuer
James Stewart, Deponent
Penelope Anderson
Isobel Duncan, Deponent
George Stewart, Deponent
Peter Morgan, Deponent
Charlotte Gordon, Deponent
Janet Hay, Deponent
Charles Anderson
Mr. Forbes, Deponent
Robert Farquharson, Father of Pursuer
John Forbes, Deponent
Mrs. Farquharson, Mother of Pursuer
Janet Cameron, Deponent
Ann Forbes, Deponent
Mr. Forbes, of Auchernock, Relation of Defender
Rachael Stewart, Deponent
Trustee/Tutor/Representative for Pursuer:
George Fordyce, Tutor ad litem to younger Alexander Anderson
Jo. Morison, W.S.
George Fordyce
Advocate for Defender:
Wm. Rae
William Erskine
P. Clerk
Advocate for Pursuer:
James Gordon
Lord Ordinary:
William Craig, Lord Craig
Lord Glenlee
Eskgrove, Lord