Date of Decision: 28 Nov 1801
Abstract: This case was an action for declarator of marriage and legitimacy. Pursuer Katharine Macgregor lived with Lieutenant Duncan Campbell for a number of years prior to his death, and the two had a son. Macgregor initially served as Campbell’s housekeeper, but she alleged that during the year before his death, they traveled to Kinghorn and were married. Macgregor produced depositions from a number of witnesses who testified that people in the couple’s neighborhood commonly believed that they were married. However, the defenders, who were relatives of Lieutenant Campbell, argued that his statements to that effect were unserious, and that Macgregor had not required others—especially Campbell’s servants—to address her as the lady of the house.
Subjects: Proof

Published Report

William Morison, The Decisions of the Court of Session (1811), 12697

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Lord Ordinary:
William Baillie, Lord Polkemmet
Named in case documents:
Duncan Macgregor, Deponent
John Fergusson, Deponent
John Orr, Deponent
Duncan Stewart, Deponent
Margaret Macgregor, Deponent
John Stewart, Deponent
Dr. Peter Comrie, Deponent
Janet Fergusson, Deponent
James Drummond, Deponent
William Comrie, Deponent
Isabel Drummond, Deponent
Janet Stewart, Deponent
Alexander Murray Drummond, Ensign, Deponent
Helen Morison, Deponent
John Macilchonnel, Deponent
Mary Robertson, Deponent
Alexander Comrie, Deponent
James Macnab, Deponent
Robert Drummond, Deponent
Peter Maclaren, Deponent
Duncan Campbell, Deponent
Donald Macintyre, Deponent
John Macilwhannel, Deponent
Duncan Campbell, Deponent
Betty Macilwhannel, Deponent
William Macilwhannel, Deponent
John Mackay, Deponent
Katharine Macdermaid, Deponent
Alexander Macarthur, Deponent
John Drummond, Deponent
Grizel Drummond, Deponent
Archibald Dewar, Deponent
Duncan Drummond, Deponent
Alexander Macisaac, Deponent
James Macgregor, Deponent
Hugh Macdiarmid, Deponent
Duncan Campbell, Lieutenant, Decedent
James Macisaac, Deponent
James Stewart, Deponent
Daniel Ferguson, Deponent
John Macgregor, Father of Pursuer
John Drummond, Deponent
Robert Fergusson, Deponent
James Dundas, C.S.
J. Brunton
H. Clk.
M. Clk.
Advocate for Pursuer:
Ed. McCormick