Date of Decision: 14 Jan 1812
Abstract: Sir Alexander holds Prestonfield and Corstorphine under several strict entails dating to 1720, one of which prevented any heir from setting tacks for more than one lifetime. Sir Alexander's Father, Sir William, did that in Drysdale and now John Dick, as tutor to his nephew is trying to get the tack voided. An Act of Parliament allows certain types of tacks in contravention of entail clauses, but Dick maintains that this is not one of them.
Subjects: Entail, Entail

Published Report

"Shaw's Digest." Bell and Lamond, Digests of Cases Decided in the Supreme Courts of Scotland, 571


People or Organizations Associated with Case

Trustee/Tutor/Representative for Pursuer:
John Dick, Esq
Named in case documents:
Sir William Dick
Advocate for Pursuer:
Wm. Rae
John Syme