Date of Decision: 1802
Abstract: The pursuers, Alexander Mackenzie and his spouse Anna Monro, questioned a decree pronounced by the Commissary-depute of Sutherland in a process of defamation and damages, brought by Reverend Mr. Walter Ross, Minister of Clyne against pursuers, and others. Pursuers asked to review the interlocutors: to vindicate the judgment against them in the Reverend Mr. Walter Ross’ defamation process, to be isolated of every charge presented by such Reverend and to find the true conviction to the case.
Subjects: Defamation, Interlocutors

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Mackenzie Alexander
Anne Monro, Spouse of Alexander M'Kenzie

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Named in case documents:
Walter Ross, Reverend
A. Liston Ramage, W.S.