Date of Decision: 1795
Abstract: George Currie sought to sublet a small lime quarry that he held in tack. His landlord, Sir William Elliot, Baronet of Stobs, refused to consent to the sublet unless Currie would give him 250 bushels of lime per year. Sir William petitioned the Sheriff of Roxburghshire for an order prohibiting Currie from subletting the lime quarry, which the Sheriff issued. Currie petitioned the Court of Session for relief. According to marginalia on the case document, this petition was refused without answers.
Subjects: Sublease, Tack

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Lord Ordinary:
Swinton, Lord
Named in case documents:
Sir Francis Elliot
Gilbert Corbet, Factor
William Phillips, Subletter
John Scott, W.S.
H. Clk.
Advocate for Defender:
James Montgomery

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