Date of Decision: 1801
Abstract: In a process of ranking and sale, Alexander Cuming sought to be ranked on a bill that was signed by the decedent, James Macdonald, three months before James came of age. The common agent raised an objection based on James's minority, and the Lord Ordinary sustained it. Cuming sought further review, making several arguments for enforcing the bill: (1) the funds were advanced for James's benefit, (2) James accepted the bill while exercising a profession, and (3) James's father joined in accepting the bill.
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Named in case documents:
James Macdonald, Esq., of Largie and Muiravonside, Decedent
Charles Lockhart, Father of Decedent
Elisabeth Macdonald, Mother of Decedent
David Wemyss, of Pitkenny
H. M. Buchanan, W.S.
S. Clk.
Lord Ordinary:
William Baillie, Lord Polkemmet
Advocate for Pursuer:
John Connel
Advocate for Defender:
Archibald Campbell Jr., Lord Succoth, 2nd Baronet of Succoth