Date of Decision: 1767
Abstract: Complainers David Fowler and James Miller alleged that an election in Kilrenny was tainted by corrupt practices designed to instate officials who would support Robert Alexander for a seat in parliament. Fowler and Miller sued the burgh’s elected officials, seeking to have the election vacated or, at minimum, to be reinstated in their positions as counsellor and bailie. The officials denied these allegations and alleged that members of the opposing party, including Sir John Anstruther and complainer David Fowler, had themselves engaged in corruption.
Subjects: Election contest

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Alexander Reid, Bailie of Kilrenny
Alexander Paton, Treasurer of Kilrenny
Alexander Wedderburn, Earl of Rosslyn, Counsellor of Kilrenny
William Alexander, of Blackhouse, Counsellor of Kilrenny
James Edie, Counsellor of Kilrenny
Thomas Smart, Counsellor of Kilrenny
James Boyter, Counsellor of Kilrenny
James Waddel, Counsellor of Kilrenny
Robert Anderson, Counsellor of Kilrenny
Robert Alexander, of Boghall and Blackhouse, Counsellor of Kilrenny
David Watson, Counsellor of Kilrenny
George Lothian, Counsellor of Kilrenny
William Fowler, Counsellor of Kilrenny
William Brown, Counselor of Kilrenny
Andrew Boyter, Bailie of Kilrenny
Robert Prat, Counsellor of Kilrenny
Andrew Reid, Bailie of Kilrenny
John Oliphant, Former counsellor of Kilrenny
David Fowler, Former bailie of Kilrenny
James Miller, Former counsellor of Kilrenny

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