Date of Decision: 1 Aug 1776
Abstract: This case concerns a disputed election in the burgh of Rutherglen. A common election practice at the time, different trades (including deacons, masons, and weavers) would meet with members of their industry and submit lists of candidates for the elections. Pursuers George Shaw et al. lodge a complaint against the current town council of the burgh of Rutherglen. Apparently the town council adopted a practice of restricting voting to resident masons and wrights, and disallowing non-resident masons and wrights from voting. Shaw et al. allege that this attempt to disenfranchise the non-resident masons and wrights is unlawful.
Subjects: Burgh, Elections

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Advocate for Defender:
William Craig
Alexander Wight
Advocate for Pursuer:
Andrew Crosbie
John Morthland


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