Date of Decision: 2 Jan 1773
Abstract: James Wilson and Company of Kilmarnock manufactured woolen for carpets to be sold in London. Malcolm Hamilton and Company served as an agent for Wilson, selling Wilson goods in London. Wilson seeks payment of debts allegedly owed by Hamilton to Wilson. Wilson claims that Hamilton has not made payments on certain goods sent by Wilson to Hamilton. One point of dispute relates to a large quantity of Wilson's carpets left in a wharf cellar in London for five years. The carpets have been significantly damaged due to neglect. Hamilton disputes that Wilson's carpets have been damaged due to Hamilton's negligence.
Subjects: Debt

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People or Organizations Associated with Case

Advocate for Pursuer:
Robert Cullen, Lord Cullen
Lord Ordinary:
Lord Hailes
John Wilson, Partner in Wilson and Company
Named in case documents:
Macculloch and Company, Did business with Hamilton and Company but went bankrupt.
Advocate for Defender:
William Craig