Date of Decision: 18 Jul 1772
Abstract: A plan was proposed to construct a canal to connect the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde. Petitioner, the Carron Company, was one of the groups participating in this project. The various parties to the project were united into a company called the Company of Proprietors of the Forth and Clyde Navigation. The first plan was to use the River Carron to connect the two firths. The Carron Company supported this plan. The plan thereafter changed to put the east end of the canal directly on the Firth of Forth, rather than on the River Carron as originally proposed. The Carron Company did not support this change because this route would bypass its establishments. The Carron Company petitioned Forth and Clyde Navigation for an agreement to dig a side canal to the River Cannon, leading to its establishments. The Carron Company claims that this agreement was made, and they now seek to enforce the agreement.
Subjects: Canals, Contracts and Obligations

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Trustee/Tutor/Representative for Pursuer:
Charles Gascoigne, Member of Carron Company
Advocate for Pursuer:
Alexander Wight
Lord Ordinary:
Lord Monboddo

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