Date of Decision: 10 Mar 1772
Abstract: John Finlay, pursuer, is the son of Robert Finlay, defender. John and Robert operated a shoe factory in Glasgow as a partnership, with Robert owning two-thirds interest and John owning one-third. The partnership experienced financial difficulty and was placed in trusteeship. John's trustees are suing Robert's trustees to see if Robert owes any money to John from the venture. Robert insists that he does not owe any money to John from the partnership and further seeks certain documents and books from the partnership.
Subjects: Bankruptcy, Copartnership, Debt

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John Finlay
Robert Finlay

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Named in case documents:
William Macghie, Agent of the partnership
Ludovick Grant, Accountant
Lord Ordinary:
Lord Hailes
Advocate for Defender:
William Craig


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