Date of Decision: 17 Nov 1772
Abstract: Petitioner, Richard Brown, is a minister in Lochmaben. Petitioner claims that the magistrates of the burgh harbor ill will towards him and seek to inconvenience or harass him. Among other actions, the magistrates apparently caused a barn to be taken down on Brown's property, removed trees from his glebe, and reduced his seating in the kirk (church). In an interlocutory ruling, the Lord Ordinary found that the pulling down of the barn was proper, authorized by the heritors of the parish of Lochmaben. Brown seeks review of this interlocutory ruling. Brown alleges that he had previously executed an agreement with the defenders, in which Brown agreed to tear down the barn at a later date. The defenders seek to avoid liability for damages by claiming that the pulling down of the barn was authorized by heritors of the parish.
Subjects: Ministers

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Richard Brown, Minister in Lochmaben
William Maxwell, Provost of burgh of Lochmaben
Alexander Dixon, Dean of Guild of Lochmaben
William Hoggan, Treasurer of burgh of Lochmaben
William Low, Bailie of burgh of Lochmaben
John Dixon, Bailie of burgh of Lochmaben
William Johnston, Bailie of burgh of Lochmaben

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Advocate for Pursuer:
William Craig
Lord Ordinary:
George Brown, Lord Coalston


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