Date of Decision: 27 Jun 1771
Abstract: Andrew Scott, John Stark, Richard Stark, William James, and William Craig went bankrupt in 1760. Petitioner, John Watson, became an agent for the creditors of the bankrupt individuals. Defender, Thomas Johnston, a merchant in Glasgow, sought to purchase some effects of Andrew Scott. This move would help pay some of Scott's creditors, but Scott had a primary obligation, called a liferent, to make annual payments to his wife, Marion Stark. This case concerns what amount Johnston should pay Scott for the effects, including an amount to cover Scott's wife renouncing her claim to the liferent. Johnston maintains that he is not responsible for an amount covering the wife's renunciation of the liferent.
Subjects: Bankruptcy

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John Watson, Esq.
Thomas Johnston

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Advocate for Defender:
James Boswell
David Armstrong
Named in case documents:
John Stark, Case concerns his bankrupt estate
Richard Stark, Case concerns his bankrupt estate
William James, Case concerns his bankrupt estate
William Craig, Case concerns his bankrupt estate
Andrew Scott, Case concerns his bankrupt estate
Marion Stark, Wife of Andrew Scott
Advocate for Pursuer:
William Craig


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