Date of Decision: 15 Dec 1770
Abstract: Pursuers George Allan, Andrew Garnock, and Charles Cock challenge the election of defender James Hunter as deacon of the incorporation of hammermen of the town of Kinghorn in September 1769. There were 12 votes for Allan and 10 votes for Hunter, but Hunter was able to successfully challenge the qualifications of 6 of the 12 voters in favor of Allan. For example, two of the voters were apparently non-residents. Allan, on the other hand, seeks to challenge 3 of the 10 votes for Hunter. One voter was struck from the rolls of the incorporation for failure to pay dues. Allan et al. seek to prove that Allan properly achieved a majority of votes in the election. The parties dispute who received the majority of votes to become the deacon of the incorporation.
Subjects: Election contest

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Advocate for Pursuer:
Andrew Crosbie