Date of Decision: 24 Jul 1770
Abstract: Petitioners More and Irvine are merchants in Gottenburgh (Gothenburg), Sweden. They are owed money by a William Duncan in St. Andrew's. More and Irvine obtain an order of poinding for Duncan's assets, allowing them to secure Duncan's assets for payment of the debt. Duncan's stepson, defender Walter Gibson, prevented More and Irvine's agents from entering Duncan's house. Gibson claimed that he, not Duncan, owned the house. When More and Irvine's agents later returned to the house with letters of open doors, they found the house emptied of its most valuable furniture. Gibson also claimed that he was the rightful owner of the furniture in the house. More and Irvine accuse Gibson of obstructing the poinding.
Subjects: Deforcement, Poinding

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Walter Gibson

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Trustee/Tutor/Representative for Pursuer:
William Scott, Agent for More and Irvine
John McArthur, Agent for More and Irvine
John Bonthron, Agent for More and Irvine
Lord Ordinary:
Lord Barjarg
Advocate for Pursuer:
John Maclaurin
Advocate for Defender:
William Craig
Named in case documents:
William Duncan, Debtor