Date of Decision: 6 Jul 1802
Abstract: Robert Hill, as the agent of the Honourable Charles Elphinstone, Captain of the Royal Navy, claimed property rights of Eastern Glenboig, otherwise known as Endboig, with the mill, mill-lands, and other land (County of Stirling). The Title-deeds (Detour) and other records related to the case were submitted in order to support the enrollment of C. Elphinstone. Harry Davidson objected, first that the titles were not legal evidence of the old extend, and second, that Hill was not entitled to act in name and on behalf of H. Charles Elphinstone, because he was out of the Kingdom and there was no special mandate granted to Hill for such purposes. Taking into consideration the objections, the Lords sustained that H. Charles Elphinstone could not be enrolled as a freeholder (landlord) of the Glenboig.
Subjects: Freeholder, Landlord, Mandate, Property rights, Title (detour)

Published Report

William Morison, The Decisions of the Court of Session (1811), 8842

People or Organizations Associated with Case

Robert Hill, W.S., In name of the Honourable Captain