Beaver's Translation of the Roman Law, by Ferrire 1724

Long Title: The history of the Roman or civil law : Shewing its origins and progress; how, and when the several parts of it were first compil'd; with some account of the prinicpal writers and commentators thereupon: and of the method to be observ'd in studying the same. Written originally in French, by M. Claude Joseph de Ferriere. To which is added, Dr. Duck's treatise Of the use and authority of the civil law in England. Translated into English, by J. B. esq. (Volume 1 of 1)
Author(s): John Beaver, Claude Joseph de Ferriere
Published: London, 1724
Publisher: Printed for D. Browne, [etc.]
Language: English
Notes: 6 p. l., iv, 169, xxxviii p. 19 cm.; "Dedication" signed: John Beaver.
Subject Classification: Law - Foreign
Format: 8
Purchase Location: London
In 1825 Jefferson Manuscript Catalogue? Yes, exact edition