Blount's Law Dictionary, by Nelson, London, 1717 

Long Title: A law-dictionary and glossary : interpreting such difficult and obscure words and terms as are found either in our common or statute, ancient or modern, laws : with references to the several statutes, records, registers, law-books, charters, ancient deeds and manuscripts, wherein the words and terms are used (Volume 1 of 1)
Author(s): Thomas Blount, William Nelson
Published: London, 1717
Publisher: Printed by Eliz. Nutt and R. Gosling for D. Browne, J. Walthoe [etc.]
Language: English
Notes: [329] p. ; 34 cm.; 3rd ed. : to which are added above two thousand two hundred words, collected from all the laws of the Saxon, Danish and Norman kings : and from all the ancient books of the common law, from the Monasticon anglicanum, Du Fresne's Glossary, Chronicon saxonicum and the volumes lately published by Dr. Gale : likewise, an explanation of all the ancient names of the inhabitants, cities, towns, villages and rivers of Great Britain / collected formerly by Mr. Camden and others, and ne
Subject Classification: Common Law
Format: Folio
Purchase Location: London
In 1825 Jefferson Manuscript Catalogue? Yes, exact edition