Brooke's Abridgement, London, 1576 

Long Title: La graunde abridgement, collecte & escrie per le iudge tresreuerend Syr Robert Brooke chiualier, nadgairs chiefe Iustice del common banke. (Volume 1 of 1)
Author(s): Robert Brooke, Anthony Fitzherbert
Published: London, 1576
Publisher: R. Tottell
Language: French
Notes: Dated 1776 in 1828 Catalogue; 2 v. 23 cm.; Title within architectural borders, with quotation at base: Ne moy Reproues sauns cause, car mon entent est de bon amoure. and Tottell's initials (R. T.) at foot of base.
Subject Classification: Common Law
Format: 4
Purchase Location: London
In 1825 Jefferson Manuscript Catalogue? Yes, but different edition