Kitchen, on Courts, Antrobus & Impey, London, 1675

Long Title: Jurisdictions : or, The lawful authority of Courts leet, Courts baron, Court of marshalseys, Court of pypowder, and Ancient demesn. Together with the most necessary learning of tenvres, and all their incidents of essoyns, imparlance, view; of all manner of pleadings, of contracts, of the nature of all sorts of actions, of maintenance; of divers other things very profitable for all students of Inns of court and Chancery: and a most perfect directory for all stewards of any the said courts. With the return and forms of several original and judicial writs now in use, relating to writs of error, writs of false judgment, and other proceedings of frequent use in the courts at Westminster (Volume 1 of 1)
Author(s): John Kitchin, Richard Antrobus, Thomas Impey
Published: London, 1675
Publisher: Printed for Hen. Twyford and Sam. Herrick
Language: English
Notes: 5th ed. cor. and enl., with two tables
Subject Classification: Common Law
Format: Folio
Purchase Location: London
In 1825 Jefferson Manuscript Catalogue? Yes, exact edition