Pleading, Rules of Latin, 1694

Long Title: Regula placitandi : A collection of special rules for pleading, from the declaration to the issue, in actions real, personal, and mixt; with the distinction of words to be used therein, or refused. Also directions for laying of actions, of the time for bringing them, and of the persons to bring the same. Together with some remarks and observations touching averments, notice, request or demand, justifications, innuendo's, protestando, traverse, averment, double pleas, abatements, demurrers, trials, verdicts, judgments, writs of error, estoppels and conclusions. With divers precedents, illustrating and explaining the same . (Volume 1 of 1)
Published: London, 1694
Publisher: Printed by the assigns of R. and E. Atkyns, for Thomas Basset [etc.]
Language: Latin
Notes: 2d ed., cor.; with marginal notes and references to former and later reports, and other books of authority; by Samuel Rose
Subject Classification: Common Law
Format: 8
Purchase Location: London
In 1825 Jefferson Manuscript Catalogue? Yes, exact edition