Pollexfen's Reports, London, 1702

Long Title: The arguments and reports of Sr. Hen. Pollexfen . : in some special cases; by him argued during the time of his practice at the barr. [1669-1685] Together with divers decrees in the High Court of Chancery. Upon limitations of trusts of terms for years. The whole printed from the authors original manuscript. Revised and corrected with his own hand. And published with the allowance and approbation of the lord keeper, and all the judges. (Volume 1 of 1)
Author(s): Henry Pollexfen
Published: London, 1702
Publisher: Printed for R. Smith
Language: English
Notes: 6 p. l., 250 (i. e. 246), 369-664, [8] p. 32 cm.; Errors in paging: p. 173-176, 649 and 652 incorrectly numbered 176-179, 652 and 629, respectively; nos. 181-184, 188 omitted; no. 189 duplicated.
Subject Classification: Common Law
Format: Folio
Purchase Location: London
In 1825 Jefferson Manuscript Catalogue? Yes, exact edition