Raymond's Reports, Bayley, London, 1790

Long Title: Reports of cases argued and adjudged in the courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, in the reigns of the late King William, Queen Anne, King George the first, and King George the Second. [1694-1732] Taken and collected by the Right Honourable Robert lord Raymond (Volume 3 of 3)
Author(s): Thomas Raymond, John Bayley
Published: London, 1790
Publisher: Printed by His Majesty's law-printers, for A. Strahan [etc.]
Language: English
Notes: Vols. 1-2: 4th ed., cor.; with additional references to former and later reports; by John Bayley. Vol. 3: Containing the entries of pleadings to the cases comprehended in the two former volumes. Published by George Wilson.
Subject Classification: Common Law
Format: 8
Purchase Location: London
In 1825 Jefferson Manuscript Catalogue? Yes, exact edition