Biographical Information

Ellen Virginia Nash (Eenie) was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 20, 1910. Prior to 1932 she spent several years in Paris with her aunt Frances Nash Watson, where she studied at the Ecole du Louvre and the Sorbonne. She moved to Charlottesville in 1945. All her life she had an interest in public service. In the thirties she began to work with the Civil Works Administration (later WPA). Few years later “she became Assistant to the General Counsel of the Federal Workers Agency, as political liaison with Capitol Hill, position she held until she enlisted in the Armed Services (the WACS) during World War II.” She earned a pilot’s license in 1945 at the Milton Airport in Shadwell. She was member of the official Sign Ordinance Committee, that was seeking to develop guidelines to protect Albermarle’s County scenic places. She was member of the Democratic party and served on the County Electoral Board from 1973-1979.

She was active in politics since 1952 “rising through various posts to be one of the three Albermarle County Electoral Board members”. Since her graduation as the sole woman of her law class, she was one of the first women to practice law on Charlottesville Court Square and was elected Secretary -Treasurer of the Charlottesville-Albermarle Bar Association 15 times. Nash served as Scottsville’s representative on the Albermarle Board of Supervisors from 1980-1984. “She would say things that were so frank and so correct, they would turn the head of her five fellow supervisors. In addition to her frankness, politics to her really was people”. (Daily Progress, June 29, 1995)

Ellen V. Nash was an active member of the Charlottesville-Albermarle community. She was member of the Albermarle County Historical Society and the local SPCA, where she served as president when they were constructing the animal shelter and their offices. She was president of the Levy Opera House/Town Hall Foundation (1977), [Nash, Box 18], board member of the Southside Health Center in Esmont, chairman of the Scottsville Democratic Committee and Supervisor for the Scottsville District since 1980 (Daily Progress Aug. 17, 1979) and president of the Charlottesville-Albermarle Civic League.

Nash died at age 85 at her home in Kenwood on June 28, 1995.


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