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George Boardman Eager received a B.A. and LL.B. from the University of Virginia in 1910. After practicing law in Louisville, Kentucky, Eager joined the law school faculty as an Adjunct Professor in 1911. He became an Associate Professor in 1915 and full Professor in 1916. Eager played a key role in Dean Lile’s term by assisting him in the discharge of administrative responsibilities. He later became the first Assistant Dean of the Law School, a position which he filled from 1932-36. He served as Acting Dean from 1931-32 and 1936-37. As a Professor, Eager taught such subjects as administrative law, agency, admiralty, insurance, bankruptcy, and damages. During the 1918-19 session, he taught French in the Student Army Training Corps of UVA. His former law student, Jack Ritchie has credited him for his “selfless devotion to the University of Virginia, particularly its Law School” and his “willingness to perform the nitty-gritty that had to be done if the law school was to function.” He died in 1942.

Assistant Dean of the Law School
Acting Dean of the Law School
Faculty, Alumni
Faculty Presence: 
1911 to 1942

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