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Creator: Kinzler, Peter
Title: Papers of Peter Kinzler
Accession: MSS 2015-03
Description: 27 boxes, 10.5 linear ft.
Location: This collection is stored offsite. Please contact Special Collections before your visit to ensure your papers are available.
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Collection Description & Arrangement

Peter Kinzler donated these papers to the Arthur J. Morris Law Library in five installments between 2015 and 2016. They consist of 27 boxes (10.5 linear ft.) of documents related to his work on auto insurance legislation and files about the drafting of vaccine compensation legislation that led to the National Childhood Vaccine Act of 1986. There is a folder with Mr. Kinzler comments and recollections on each part of the collection. The collection is divided in 6 series:

  • No-Fault Auto Insurance Files
  • Auto Choice Files
  • Product Liability Files
  • Punitive Damages
  • Vaccine Files
  • Electronic (Born Digital) Computer Files re No-Fault Insurance [Available Upon Request]

Biographical & Historical Information

Peter Kinzler earned his bachelor’s degree from Trinity College (Hartford, CT) in 1964, and his legal degree from Columbia Law School in 1967. After a short stint at the National Labor Relations Board, he spent 25 of the next 26 years working for the House and Senate of the United States.

As Counsel to the Consumer Protection and Finance Subcommittee of the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee in the 1970s, he had the lead staff responsibility for federal no-fault insurance legislation.  While working for Senator Christopher J. Dodd (D-CT) on the Senate Banking Committee in the 1980s and 1990s, he played a major role in the development of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and two iterations of product liability legislation.

After retiring from the Congress in 1995, he became President of the Coalition for Auto-Insurance Reform, where he led the private sector effort on behalf of federal and state efforts to enact the Auto Choice Reform Act. He retired in 2010.

Acquisition Information

Date Received 2015
Donor Information    

Content List

Box 1

No-Fault Auto Insurance Files

  • 1968-1969, 1975-1978; No-Fault Auto Insurance Miscellaneous Costs Reports [binder 1] – Kemper Insurance Companies: Michigan Auto Insurance Survey (January 1978); No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Legislation Comparison of H.R. 6601 and H.R. 5149; Report of Special Committee to Study and Evaluate the Keeton-O’Connell Basic Protection Plan and Automobile Accident Reparations; Automobile Insurance and Low Income Drivers, A Report for the Honorable Ralph Metcalf (August 24, 1977); No-Fault Premium Pay-Out (1977); Staff Cost Data and Rep. James T. Broyhill Memorandum re costs implications  of H. R. 6601, Standards for No-Fault Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits Act (11 October 1977); All State and State Farm Cost Data memoranda(1975); Fast Track Data; Blue Cross Association “A Policy Analysis of the Health Care Coverage Primacy No-Fault Auto Insurance (18 October 1977) (3 folders)
  • 1971-1978; No-Fault Auto Insurance [binder 2] – correspondence, memoranda and reports.  Presley Study of Michigan and Colorado; Michigan Report; ABA Report; Budget Summary; Governors Conference Vote on No-Fault; Oregon Loss Experience Under “No-Fault”  (3 folders)


Box 2

  • 1968-1969, 1975-1978; No-Fault Auto Insurance [binder 3] – Section by Section Analysis of H.R. 6601 (2 folders)
  • 1973 – 1975 No-Fault Auto Insurance – “Old” no-fault bills: H. R. 285 (14 January 1975), H. R. 9650 (17 September 1975), S. 354 (25 January 1975), S. 354 (22 May 1975), H. R. 1597 (10 January 1977), H. R. 6601 (H.R. 7476 (26 May 1977)
  • 1973 – 1987; No-Fault Auto Insurance After-action Reports on the 1976 failure – memoranda, correspondence, reports, news clippings.  Includes: “Senate Action on No-Fault Auto Insurance in the 94th Congress (undated); memoranda of American Insurance Association re S. 354 and H. R. 9650, The National Standards for No-Fault Insurance Act (2 April 1976, 5 October 1976); Janet Marie Truhe, “Auto Insurance: Politics at Fault”; correspondence between Allstate and Hon. Lionel Van Deerlin, Chairman, House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Finance; Section-by-Section Comparison of Bills Concerning No-Fault Automobile Insurance (September 1975) (3 folders)
  • 1973, 1975; No-Fault Auto Insurance Cost Studies – correspondence and memoranda. Milliman and Robertson: “Cost Estimate Study for H. R. 10, The National No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Act” (31 December 1973); “Comparison of State Farm and Allstate Projections of Effects of No-Fault Auto Insurance as Proposed in S. 354 (undated); Staff [Senate Commerce ?] Report No-Fault Cost Trends: the Validity of Costs Studies and the Effect of No Fault on Non-Standard and Assigned Risk Market Shares.


Box 3

  • 1975-1976; No-Fault Press Articles re 1976 Senate floor considerations in Congressional Record.
  • 1978; No-Fault Auto Insurance [binder 4] – H. R. 13048 section by section analysis (2 folders)
  • 1977-1978; No-Fault Auto Insurance [binder 5] – Conning & Company actuarial studies: “An Evaluation of No-Fault Automobile Insurance Costs” prepared for the American Insurance Association (November 1977, November 1978); Milliman and Robertson actuarial study: “Cost Estimate Study of No-Fault Automobile Insurance (Variations on S. 354)” prepared for the Department of Transportation (7 November 1973); DOT [Department of Transportation] follow-up study; 1977 reports by the House Consumer Protection Subcommittee on experience with no-fault in Massachusetts, New York, Florida and Michigan (2 folders)


Box 4

  • DOT HS 807 800 Final, Source of Payment for the Medical Cost of Motor Vehicle Injuries in the United States, January 1992
  • Insurance Research Council, Paying for Auto Injuries: A Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims, May 1994
  • 1994; DOT HS 808 425, The Economic Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes, 1994
  • 1995; “Affordable Auto Insurance for Urban Communities: The Universe of Possibilities,” Conference – conference papers.
  • 1996; IRC, Fraud and Buildup in Auto Injury Claims, Pushing the Limits of the Auto Insurance System, 1996
  • 1997; NPTS Symposium: “Daily Travel by Persons with Low Income,” 1997
  • 1998; NAIC, Auto Insurance Database (AUT-PB 97-98-99)
  • 1999; No-Fault Auto Insurance – “Pain and Suffering.”
  • 1999; No-Fault Auto Insurance – Gary T. Schwartz, “Auto No-Fault and First-Party Insurance Advantages and Problems.”
  • IRC, Injuries in Auto Accidents, An Analysis of Auto Insurance Claims, 1999.
  • IRC, Paying for Auto Injuries, A Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims, 1999


Box 5

  • 1999, 2002; No-Fault Auto Insurance – RAND ICJ Project Memorandum; “The Effects of an Enhanced Choice Auto Insurance Plan on Auto Insurance Costs and Premiums,” PM-1303-ICJ, April 2002; “The Effects of a Choice Automobile Insurance Plan,” 1999; Stephen J. Carroll, James S. Kakalk et al, “No-Fault Approaches to Compensating People Injured in Automobile Accidents”, RAND ICJ, 1991 and “No-Fault Automobile Insurance A Policy Perspective, 1991.
  • 2000; DOT HS 809 446, U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “The Economic Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes,” May 2000.
  • 2001; Insurance Research Council, Auto Injury Claiming Behavior in No-Fault States. An Analysis of Florida PIP Trends, April 2001.
  • 2001; Insurance Research Council, Auto Injury Claiming Behavior in No-Fault States. An Analysis of New York PIP Trends, April 2001.
  • 2001; Insurance Research Council, Auto Injury Claiming Behavior in No-Fault States. An Analysis of New York PIP Claims, December 2001.
  • 2004; No-Fault Auto Insurance – IRC (Insurance Research Council), Analysis of Auto Injury Insurance Claims from Four No-Fault States: Colorado, Florida, Michigan and New York, 2004;; IRC, Fraud and Buildup in Auto Injury Claims, Pushing the Limits of the Auto Insurance System, 1996
  • 2004; No-Fault Auto Insurance – AICPCU Trends on Auto Injury Claims.
  • AICPCU, Analysis of Auto Injury Insurance Claims from Four Tort States: California, Illinois, Texas, Washington, Insurance Research Council, June 2005


Box 6

  • 2005; No-Fault Auto Insurance – Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law, Report Number 2006-102, prepared for The Florida Senate by the Committee on Banking and Insurance.
  • 2006; No-Fault Insurance – Michigan.  Insurance Institute of Michigan No-Fault Legislative Reform Analysis Project.  Correspondence, charts, agenda, minutes.
  • 2006; No-Fault Auto Insurance – Minnesota Automobile No-Fault Study
  • Auto Insurance printed articles.
  • State Farm, No Fault Press Reference Manual. A Continuously Updated Informational Service on Car Insurance Reform Published for the Press by the Public Relations Department, State Farm Insurance Companies, Bloomington, Ill. [1978?]


Box 7

Auto Choice Files

  • Kinzler Auto Choice Files Annotations (2016)
  • 1972-2003; Auto Choice – Consumer Groups.  Correspondence and memoranda, Kinzler notes. Statement of J. Robert Hunter, Consumer Federation of America: “Choice no Fault” before the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress (19 March 1997); news clippings.
  • 1974, 1995-2004; Auto Choice Advantages.  Documents, correspondence, papers re benefits of auto choice for auto manufacturers, cities, rural America, business community. “Auto Choice: Impact on Cities and the Poor”; “Alternative Ways to Address the Liability of Defendants other than Motorists in H. R. 1704, the Auto Choice Reform Act of 2001”; “History of the Brain Injury Association and Auto Choice.”
  • 1974-2008; Auto Choice Miscellaneous Documents – correspondence, memoranda, papers and printed materials. Also included is: “Introduction to the Auto Insurance Affordability Problem” presentation by Orin Kramer, National Conference on Auto Insurance Issues (16 March 1989); “Consumers’ Choice,” New Jersey Automobile Insurance Reform Plan (1997); Peter Kinzler, “The Auto Choice Reform Act: A Prescription for What Ails the Auto Insurance System in the United States” (undated); “Christianity and Auto Insurance” (excerpt of article by Robert H. Joost?) (undated); transcript of ABC News 20/20 Monday re “Doctors, Lawyers, Car Crashes and You” (9 February 1998); NAIC: “No-Fault Auto Insurance” (1999).
  • 1975-1977; Auto Choice – No-Fault Insurance Primary Issue. Correspondence, drafts, handwritten notes.
  • 1976, 1978-1979; Auto Choice Insurance Stripped-Down No-Fault Bill – correspondence, memoranda, handwritten notes (2 folders)


Box 8

  • 1978; 1983-86, 1989-92; Auto Choice – Alternative Auto Insurance Act of 1992.  Memoranda re auto insurance reform, facts sheets, documents from the DOT (January 1991); Commentary to Draft Federal Bill Allowing Choice as to Auto Insurance (undated); press releases.  Jeffrey O’Connell and Robert H. Joost, Giving Motorists a Choice between Fault and No-Fault Insurance, 72, Va L. Rev. 1 (1986)
  • 1992-1998; Auto Choice – No-Fault RAND article, background documents, some correspondence, drafts and other documents (2 folders) 
  • 1995; Auto Choice – Kinzler “No-Fault Insurance: Everyone Wins but the Lawyers,” Washington Post, 31 December 1995
  • 1995-2003; Auto Choice – CAR solicitations, speeches and strategy.  Memoranda and correspondence (2 folders)


Box 9

  • 1996; S. 1860 Auto Choice Reform Act Bill and Hearing.  Statement of Peter Kinzler, testimony of Andrew Tobias, JEC: “Improving the American Legal System: the Economic Benefits of Tort Reform” (March 1996)
  • 1996; Auto Choice – Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Financial Responsibility Limits charts
  • 1996, March; Auto Choice – Crossroads, The Auto Compensation Project newsletters and brochures.
  • 1996-1997; Auto Choice – Committee for Comprehensive Automobile Accident Restitution and Rate Deductions drafts for a bill.
  • 1996-1998; Auto Choice – DOT [Department of Transportation] – “Democratic History and Bipartisan”.  Correspondence, memoranda, CAR documents re democratic heritage of no-fault insurance.
  • 1996-1999; Auto Choice – ATLA [Association of Trial Lawyers of America] Critiques and Responses to auto choice (2 folders)
  • 1996-1997; Auto Choice – Maryland No-Fault. Correspondence and Statement of Peter Kinzler in support of H.B. 144, Optional Limited Tort Motor Vehicle Coverage before a Joint Hearing of The Economic Matters Committee and The Judiciary Committee of the Maryland House of Delegates (20 February 1996); Statement of Kenneth E. Swab on behalf of the Committee for Comprehensive Automobile Accident Restitution and Rate Deductions before the Committee on Economic Matters, Maryland House of Delegates on H.B. 341, The Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation and Cost Savings Act (11 March 1997).
  • 1997; Auto Choice – CAR Auto Accident Compensation Project (AACP) Conference on Auto Insurance Reform at the Federal Level: An Opportunity for Better Compensation for Injured Persons and Lower Premiums for All (30-31 January 1997), conference papers


Box 10

  • 1997, March 19; Auto Choice JEC Hearing – Automobile Insurance Reform. Press release; Allan F. Abrahamse and Stephen J. Carroll, “The Effects of a Choice Automobile Insurance Plan Under Consideration by the Joint Economic Committee of the United States Congress”, RAND (April 1997); Opening statement of Jim Saxton: “Auto-Choice Tort Reform”; testimony of Stephen Carroll: “Effects of an Auto-Choice Automobile Insurance Plan on Costs and Premiums” (March 1997); statements of Michael Horowitz, Governor Todd Whitman.
  • 1997, April; Auto Choice – S. 625 Auto Choice Act of 1997.  Summaries, correspondence, statements of senators Joseph Lieberman, Mitch McConnell; “The Benefits and Savings of Auto Choice”, A Joint Economic Committee Report (April 1997).
  • 1997; Auto Choice – S. 625 Hearing of 17 July 1997. Testimonies of Peter Kinzler of CAR, Andrew Tobias, Stephen Carroll for RAND Institute for Civil Justice; Stenographic Transcript of Hearings (17 July 1997); witness list, memoranda.
  • 1997; Auto Choice – NPR Talk of the Nation: “Automobile Insurance” (13 May and 5 November 1997) transcriptions.
  • 1997-1998; Auto Choice – CAR statements and brochures
  • 1997-1998; Auto Choice – George L. Priest, “Why ‘Auto Choice’ is a Lemon,” WSJ 21 July 1998 and the Quebec “experience.”  Correspondence, memoranda and papers related to the article. Pierre Gauthier, “No-Fault and Accident Frequencies in Québec (January 1999); Heritage Foundation Car Insurance Debate (1 September 1998); David F. Snyder, “Breaking Through the Auto Insurance Gridlock, Ideas for Reducing Costs and Improving Competition” (22 July 1998); Stephen D. Sugarman, “Quebec’s Comprehensive Auto No-Fault Scheme and the Failure of Any of the United States to Follow”; Roger C. Henderson, “Compensation for Non-Economic Loss, the Tort-Liability Insurance System”; Ned Glick, “Statistical evidence of fatality increases in response to “no-fault insurance?”
  • 1997-1998; Auto Choice Endorsements
  • 1997 - 1998; H.R. 2021 Auto Choice Reform Act – Hearing before the Subcommittee on Finance and Hazardous Materials of the Committee of Commerce. Press releases, working documents, Kinzler statement, correspondence and memoranda. Rep. Dick Armey articles.
  • 1997-1998; Auto Choice Myth versus Reality – forms and drafts.
  • 1997, 1999-2002; Auto Choice – Costs. Extensive email correspondence with Steve Carroll of RAND ICJ and Dan Miller of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee (JEC) re data of auto choice costs.


Box 11

  • 1997-1999; Auto Choice S. 625 Redraft, 105th Congress – extensive correspondence and memoranda, drafts of S. 625 (4 folders)


Box 12

  • 1997-2001; Auto Choice – CAR Funding Proposals and Legislative Strategy Plan. Working papers, correspondence, drafts (2 folders)
  • 1997-2001; Auto Choice – House and Senate Vote Counts. Briefings notes, correspondence, floor speeches (2 folders)
  • 1997, 2001; Auto-Choice – Peter Kinzler and Michael Horowitz (Hudson Institute) articles
  • 1997-2003; Auto Choice – Costs Estimates. Reports, proposals, recommendations, correspondence re “experience” and attorney fees. File includes NAIC [National Association of Insurance Commissioners] reports and “Choice in Auto Insurance: Updated Savings Estimates for Auto Choice,” prepared at the request of Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (July 2003) (2 folders)
  • 1997-2003; Auto Choice - ATA [American Trucking Associations]. Correspondence between ATA and CAR [Coalition for Auto-Insurance Reform], roster, agendas, working papers.


Box 13

  • 1998; Auto Choice – JEC [Joint Economic Committee]: “Auto Choice: Impact on Cities and the Poor” report (March 1998). Statements of senators Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Mitch McConnell, Joe Liebermann; charts. 
  • 1998; Auto Choice – AARP. Correspondence between AARP and members of Congress, “Benefits of Auto Choice for Senior Citizens” and other similar documents.
  • 1998; Auto Choice – U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.  Agenda for meeting, working documents.
  • 1998; S. 625 The Auto Choice Act Hearing: “Auto Insurance Coverage” before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation (9 September 1998); testimonies of Robert J. Demichelis on behalf of The Brain Injury Association; Mark Mandell, president, Association of Trial Lawyers; statement of The American Insurance Association: “S. 625 and Other Ways to Reduce Auto Insurance Costs and Improve Competition”; statement of Wellington E. Webb, Mayor of the City and County of Denver; statement of Rudolph W. Giuliani, Mayor of the City of New York: “The Need for Automobile Insurance Reform” (8 May 1998) ; draft questions; correspondence, memoranda.
  • 1998; [S. 625 The Auto Choice Act Hearing] - Impact on Business and the Poor. JEC: “Auto Choice: Relief for Business & Consumers (July 1998); Robert Lee Maril, “The Impact of Mandatory Auto Insurance Upon Low Income Residents of Maricopa County, Arizona”; statement of Michael Hightower, Fulton County, GA; Margy Waller and Mark Allan Hughes, “Working Far from Home, Transportation and Welfare Reform in the Ten Big States (August 1999); “The Auto Choice Reform Act Overview” brochure.
  • 1998-1999; Critiques of Auto Choice from national organizations: National Organization for Women, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, NAIL [National Association of Independent Insurers], American Academy of Actuaries, State Farm, and others (2 folders)
  • 1998-1999; Auto Choice Debates: CFA [Consumer Federation of America]; Auto Accident Compensation Project Debate, Boston and Denver; IRES [Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society]; Professional Insurance Agents Debate; transcription of “Auto Insurance Debate”, Tulane University (26 October 1998). Correspondence and working papers.
  • 1998-2000; Auto Choice – Committee for Economic Development (CED) – “Breaking Litigation Habit.” Correspondence and press releases.


Box 14

  • 1999, Jan. 28-29; Auto Choice – CAR Conference: Perspectives on Federal Auto Choice Legislation.  Conference Papers.
  • 1999; H.R. 1475 Auto Choice Reform Act of 1999
  • 1999; Auto Choice – Low Income Drivers – PPI (Program Policy Institute). Correspondence, memoranda; Robert Lee Maril, “The Impact of Mandatory Auto Insurance Upon Low Income Residents of Maricopa County, Arizona.”
  • 1999; S. 837 Auto Choice Reform Act.  Transcript of Hearing on Senate Bill 837 before the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (9 June 1999); statements of Peter Kinzler on behalf of the Coalition for Auto Insurance Reform, Andrew Tobias, Michael S. Dukakis, Senator Sam Brownback; questions for Gerald T. Noce on behalf of DRI and Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers. Also correspondence and memoranda.
  • 1999; S. 837 Auto Choice Reform Act of 1999 – Highway Fatality Data Annotated Findings
  • 1999-2000; S. 837 – Senate Commerce Committee. Correspondence with members re mandatory rate reduction, state opt-in, driver choice in employment, consumer choice in buses.
  • 1999-2000; Auto Choice – No-Fault and Accidents. J. Davis Cummins, et al (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania): “The Incentive Effects of No Fault Automobile Insurance” (16 August 1999); comments and news clipping.
  • 1999-2001; Auto Accident Fraud - news clippings and some correspondence.
  • 2000; Auto Choice – Allstate.  Letter and working papers re “Why Allstate should support the Federal Auto Choice Reform Act.”
  • 2000; Auto Choice – New England Journal of Medicine Saskatchewan Whiplash Study. Correspondence and article.
  • 2000; Auto Choice – Draft article for The New Democrat and Ted Lascher articles.
  • 2000-2001; Auto Choice – Black Caucus luncheon
  • 2001; H.R. 1704 The Auto Choice Reform Act of 2001, After the Accident Choice – correspondence with members of Congress, memoranda, agenda, drafts re alternatives “for an after the accident choice”; news clippings (2 folders)


Box 15

  • 2001; Auto Choice articles.  Peter Kinzler, The evolution of a Liberal-Conservative Consensus on Automobile Insurance Reform: from a Mandatory Federal No-Fault Auto Insurance Bill in the 1970s to the Auto Choice Reform Act of 2001.
  • 2001; Insurance Research Council, Fighting Insurance Fraud: Survey of Insurer Anti-Fraud Efforts, December 2001
  • 2001-2004; S. 2931 To enable drivers to choose moore affordable form of auto insurance that also provides for more adequate and timely compensation for accident victims, and for other purposes, 108th Congress (Comyn, McConnell, McCain). Correspondence, memoranda, working papers. 
  • 2003; Auto Choice – Colorado No-Fault. Correspondence and working papers.  “Colorado No-Fault Automobile Insurance Actuarial Study” (December 2002); “Colorado’s Transition from No-Fault to Tort Auto Insurance, How the Sunset of the No-Fault Auto Insurance Law Change Rates” report (November 2003); Outline of Study of the Impact of the new Colorado Automobile Insurance Law on Motorists and Colorado Trauma Centers ; HB 03-1321 A Bill for and Act Concerning Motor Vehicle Insurance; statement of Peter Kinzler on HB 301-1321, concerning motor vehicle insurance to the Business Affairs and Labor Committee of Colorado House of Representatives (4 March 2003)
  • 2003; Insurance Research Council, Auto Injury Insurance Claims: Countrywide Patterns in Treatment, Cost, and Compensation, December 2003
  • 2011; Auto Choice – No Fault Insurance. 5th Annual Insurance Summit: “A vibrant insurance market; critical for economic growth.” Florida, Insurance Forum 2011.
  • n.d.; Auto Choice – Auto Injury Horror Stories
  • n.d.; Auto Choice – Charts Transparencies and Accident Scenario Compensation Charts
  • News articles were digitized and are available upon request.


Box 16

Product Liability Files – Materials from the Danforth-Dodd Alternative Compensation Effort

  • Kinzler Product Liability Files Annotations
  • 1977; Interagency Task Force on Product Liability – PB-273 220, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1977.
  • 1977; Insurance Services Office Product Liability Closed Claim Survey: A Technical Analysis of Survey Results, 1977
  • 1983-1984; Product Liability – S. 44 Product Liability Act.  Correspondence, memoranda, working papers.  Robert C. Eckhardt, “S. 44 and Product Liability or How the Knights of the Business Roundtable Besieged the Citidel of the Common Law of Torts” (undated); S. 44 To regulate interstate commerce by providing for a uniform liability law, and for other purposes (21 May 1984); Product Liability Act Report together with Additional and Minority Views of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation on S. 44 (May23, 1984); Product Liability Act Report on S. 2631 (1 December 1982)  
  • 1984; Product Liability – CFA [Chartered Financial Analyst] Product Liability Conference – conference papers, handwritten notes.


Box 17

  • 1984-1985; Product Liability – Draft Bills Leading to S. Amendment # 16 and to S. 100 (3 folders)
  • 1984-1985; Product Liability – S. Amendment #16, Dodd Liability Bill Background Documents. Correspondence, memoranda, working papers, news clippings.  Testimony of Senator Christopher J. Dodd (18 June 1985) (3 folders)
  • 1984-1985; Product Liability – memoranda and drafts


Box 18 -19

  • 1984-1985; Product Liability – Comments on Staff Working Draft # 1 on “A Bill to regulate interstate commerce by providing for a uniform liability law, and for other purposes.” Correspondence, memoranda, drafts, comments from interested parties on follow up drafts to Senate Amendment # 16 (2 folders)
  • 1985; Product Liability Act Amendment Hearings before the Subcommittee on the Consumer of the Committee of Commerce, Science, and Transportation, 95th Congress (18, 25 June 1985); letter from Guido Calabresi to Blair Bolles (14 June 1985)
  • 1985-1986; Product Liability – Comments on Staff Working Draft # 2 on “A Bill to regulate interstate commerce by providing for a uniform liability law, and for other purposes.”  Extensive correspondence, memoranda, drafts, comments from interested parties, news clippings.  Statement of Stephen Lyons on behalf of the Coalition for Uniform Product Liability Law; statements of Joseph Goffman (Public Citizen Watch), Pamela Gilbert (U.S. Public Interest Research Group), Linda Lipsen (Consumers Union), Gene Kimmelman (Consumer Federation of America) on S. 1999, the Product Liability Voluntary Claims and Uniforms Standards Act; statement of Patrick J. Head on behalf of The Lawyers’ Advisory Committee of the Product Liability Task Force of the Business Roundtable; testimony of HALT – An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform; testimony of Peter W. Huber; statement of Keith L. Davidson on behalf of the American Bar Association; testimony by Deborah R. Hensler, ICJ; statement of Professor Teresa Moran Schwartz, George Washington University Law School; testimony by Victor E. Schwartz, counsel to the Product Liability Alliance; testimony of Leslie Cheek III, Crum & Foster Insurance Companies; FMC Corporation: “Proposed Statutory Language Establishing Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures”; written statement of the Chemical Manufacturers Association on the Availability and Cost of Liability Insurance (4 March 1986); statement by James H. Mack, National Machine Tool Builders’ Association (11 March 1986);testimony by Edward J. Burger, Institute for Health Policy Analysis; statement of the Health Industry Manufacturers Association (25 March 1986); statement of National Federation of Independent Business (25 March 1986)  (5 folders)


Box 19

  • 1985-1986; Product Liability – S. 1999/S. 2760. Correspondence, memoranda, statements, news clippings, working papers re S. Amendment #16 into S. 1999 and S. 2760. File includes statement of Senator Dodd in opposition to the Kasten-Inouye-Gorton-Riegle Amendment; statement by the AFL-CIO Executive Council (21 May 1986); statement of John D. Rockefeller IV (20 May 1986); statement of the American Insurance Association (20 May 1986); The Product Liability Alliance, “ The Hunt for Past Product Liability Claims Data: A Misplaced and Misleading Enterprise” (undated); draft of  “A Bill To regulate interstate commerce by providing for a uniform product liability law that affords persons harmed by products equitable and expeditious payment of their damages, and other purposes” (29 May 1986); Alliance for American Insurers et al, Property and Casualty Insurance Industry Data and the Case for Tort Reform, Documenting the Cost of Expanding Tort Liability Doctrines Beyond Traditional Common Law Boundaries (June 1986);  statement of John E. S. Scott (10 September 1986); Statement of Senator Christopher J. Dodd on S. 2760, The Product Liability Reform Act (September 1986) (2 folders)
  • 1985-1986; Keystone Product Liability Project. Minutes of plenary sessions, correspondence.


Box 20

  • 1986; Product Liability – Mid America Institute for Public Policy Research Conference papers
  • 1987; Product Liability 100th Congress – correspondence, memoranda, drafts of bill. Statement of Senator Christopher J. Dodd (18 June 1985)
  • 1989-1992; Product Liability 102nd Congress. Correspondence, memoranda, news clippings and some earlier documents related to product liability.
  • 1992; Product Liability Briefing Book for Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, for Senate floor consideration of S. 640 (3 folders)


Box 21

  • 1992-1993; Product Liability # 1-3 – extensive correspondence, memoranda, reports, drafts, surveys, printed materials, background materials regarding amendments to bill S. 640.  Includes statements of senators Rockefeller and Dodd (September 1992); statement of Dr. Deborah R. Hensler, “What we know and Don’t Know About Product Liability,” Institute for Civil Justice, RAND Corporation (undated); National Association of Manufacturers, “The Cost of Litigation: A New Perspective With Select Bibliography (September 1992); Section 303(c) (1) of S. 640 FDA-Approval Defense to Punitive Damages: Materials Relating to TheFDA Excuse” (8 September 1992; Lawrence W. Soular, “A Study of Large Product Liability Claims Closed in 1985”, A Joint Study by Members of the Alliance of American Insurers, American Insurance Association, 1986; GAO [U.S. General Accounting Office] Report to the Chairman, Subcommittee on Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Competitiveness, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, Product Liability and Case Resolution in Five States (September 1989) (5 folders) 


Box 22

  • 1993; Product Liability 103rd Congress Drafts – correspondence and working papers related to bill (2 folders)
  • 1992-1994; S. 687 Product Liability Fairness Act – correspondence, background papers, statement of Senator John D. Rockefeller IV on the introduction of the act (31 March 1993); Post-hearing Questions of Senator Gorton on S. 687, the Product Liability Fairness Act (23 September 1993); press releases, printed materials (2 folders)
  • 1992, 1994-1995; Product Liability Senate and House Debates – some drafts and background documents (2 folders)


Box 23

  • 1995-1996; Product Liability Senate Floor – working documents, handwritten notes, and notes. CQ’s Washington Alert (19, 23 June 1995), Daily Digest Senate 25-26  April 1995 (3 folders)

Punitive Damage Files

  • Peter Kinzler comments and annotations of punitive damages files.
  • 1994-1996; Punitive Damages in All Civil Cases – memoranda and drafts re punitive damages reform (2 folders)


Box 24

  • 1995; Punitive Damages – Civil Justice Reform.  Correspondence, extensive memoranda, proposals, drafts, working papers re punitive damages in financial injury cases related to H.R. 956, Civil Justice Reform Legislation.  Draft of “Uniform Standards for Award of Punitive Damages” (2 folders) 
  • 1995; Punitive Damages – Civil Justice Reform 1995, Senate Vote Counts.
  • 1996; Punitive Damages – Civil Justice Reform. Kinzler memoranda re implications, options, for Federal Civil Justice Reform Legislation; status reports, drafts.
  • 1996-1998; Punitive Damages – Alliance for Fair Legal Reform. Memoranda; Alliance for Fair Legal Reform, “The Need for Punitive Damages Reform in Financial Injury Cases” (March 1998)
  • 1996-1999; Punitive Damages – RAND, ICJ.  Memoranda, working and printed materials re punitive damages.  Eric Moller, et al, Punitive Damages in Financial Injury Jury Verdicts, Executive Summary, RAND, [1996]; Survey on Liability Lawsuit Reform and Punitive Damages (1997).


Box 25

  • 1997, July 10; Punitive Damages – memoranda and materials for White House Briefing [Rand Study]. MR-888-ICJ Punitive Damages in Financial Injury Jury Verdicts, RAND Institute for Civil Justice; Peter Kinzler, “Punitive Damages Awards: Fiction, Facts and Fixes.”
  • 1998; Punitive Damages – Correspondence and memoranda. American College of Trial Lawyers Report on Punitive damages of the Committee on Special Problems in the Administration of Justice, 1989.
  • 1998-2000; Punitive Damages – 105th Congress Punitive Damages Bills S. 1554 and H.R. 4785 background materials. Memoranda, drafts, statement of Senator Orrin Hatch to accompany introduction of the Fairness Damages Awards Act (19 January 1999); Senate Judiciary Hearing memoranda (2 folders)
  • 1998-2005; Class Action Fairness Act – memoranda, agendas, working papers re Class Action Reform Legislation.  S. 274 The Class Action Fairness Act of 2003 and 2005.            
  • 2002-2003; Punitive Damages and Class Action Legal Reform Agendas.       


Box 26

Vaccine Files

  • 1985-1986; Vaccine Compensation – S. 827 A Bill To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for the compensation of children and others who have sustained vaccine-related injuries, and for other purposes (1985) drafts of bill (3 folders)
  • 1985-1986; Vaccine Compensation – Senate testimony of 18 July 1985 and miscellaneous files. Report of the Cabinet Council on Human Resources, Working Group on Vaccine Supply and Liability (undated); statement by Robert B. Johnson, president of Lederle Laboratories; Jeffrey H. Schwartz, president of Dissatisfied Parents Together (DPT); testimony by Mrs. Marge Grant, Scottie Grant, a DPT Vaccine Victim (18 July 1985); statement by Sen. Orrin Hatch on Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation; statement of Robert L. Willmore, Deputy Assistant Attorney General concerning S. 827 – Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation; statement of James O. Mason, MD, Acting Secretary for Health; memoranda re proposed amendments to S. 827; Report of the Interagency Group to Monitor Vaccine Development, Production, and Usage (4 September 1985); drafts; newspaper clipping; comments of Merck & Co., Inc. on the Preliminary Discussion Draft of the National Childhood Vaccine Improvement and Injury Compensation Act of 1985 (14 January 1986); memorandum from American Academy of Pediatrics: “ Constitutionality of S. 827 ( 31 January 1986); testimony of Deborah Chalfie, Legislative Director, HALT- An Organization of Americans for Legal Reform on H.R. 5184 (8 August 1986) (2 folders)


Box 27

  • 1985-1986; Vaccine Compensation – correspondence, memoranda, drafts, notes. File includes: Institute of Medicine, Vaccine Supply and Innovation, Washington, National Academy Press, 1985; statement of Sen. Christopher Dodd on Compensation of People Injured by Childhood Vaccines, at the Labor and Human Resources Committee Hearing (9 December 1985) (2 folders)


Digital Files

No Fault Insurance Digital Files [The organization of the digital files do not coincide with the organization of the hardcopy files.  Researchers are encouraged to compare both sets of documents and be aware of duplication]

  • Kinzler 1970 No-Fault Files Annotations.
  • 1975 Florida Hearing
  • 1975 Massachusetts Hearing – letters to Tip O’Neill, Jr.
  • 1975 No Fault Backgrounder – constitutionality.  The Tort/Insurance System v. No-Fault
  • 1976 Scenario for House Passage – notes, charts, correspondence
  • 1977 Amends, draftsman response, misc. – “Why NF and What NF” handwritten notes; HR 6601 amendments EK [Robert Eckhardt] draftsman response
  • 1977 Draft of House and Senate bill – Comparison of Major Features of Senate Staff Working Draft (14 February 1977); Section by Section Analysis of Bills Concerning No-Fault Automobile Insurance Introduced in the 94th Congress and a Redraft Introduced in the 95th Congress.
  • 1977 Murphy Bill Intro – H.R. 6601 [A bill to provide basic standards for State no-fault benefit plans for the rehabilitation and compensation of motor vehicle accident victims, and for other purposes; to the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce] – Statement of John M. Murphy (D-NY) on the National Standards for No-Fault Benefits Act for Inclusion in the January 10, 1977; drafts and printed materials.
  • 1977 New York Hearing Moynihan Article: “Next A New Auto Insurance, NYT Magazine (undated); Committee Report, The “No-Fault” Principle by the Special Committee on Automobile Insurance Plans (undated); New York No-Fault Automobile Insurance Experience; statement of John M. Murphy on No-Fault Automobile Insurance before the Consumer Protection and Finance Subcommittee (New York, 23 April 1977); Current Prices for Personal Injury Coverages Under the No-Fault Automobile Insurance System, A Report to Governor Hugh L. Carey and the New York Legislature (15 January 1976); news releases, and some working materials.
  • 1977 S. 1381 Magnuson Introduction [Senator Warren Magnuson] – S. 1381: A bill to provide basic standards for State no-fault benefit plans for the rehabilitation and compensation of motor vehicle accident victims, and for other purposes, 95th Congress, 1st Session, draft.
  • 1978 American Bar Association No-Fault Insurance Report, a Study by The Special Committee in Automobile Insurance Legislation (February 1978); copies of pages: “The Superlawyers”, no imprint, undated.
  • AFL [American Federation of Labor] - CIO [Congress of Industrial Organizations] Support (1975-1976) –correspondence and printed materials
  • Agents Impact (1978) – correspondence and newspaper article
  • Auto Choice -1978, includes Keeton-O’Connell  -  American Insurance Association on S. 1381 – Report of Subcommittee on No-fault Law Revision on S. 1381, Standards for No-Fault Motor Vehicle Accidents Benefits Act (95th Congress, 1st Session) [1975]
  • Analysis of H.R. 6601 (section by section) (undated)
  • Attorneys for No-Fault (1978, 1990) - lists, drafts, memoranda, printed materials
  • Auto Choice 1978, include Keeton-O’Connell Plan - memoranda, discussion drafts, printed materials
  • Carter Administration Memo – background materials. Includes correspondence and memoranda, printed materials (1977-1978)
  • No-Fault Congress Budget (1978) - correspondence
  • Committee for Consumers No-Fault materials – “no-fault the way to end auto insurance roulette,” A handbook by the Committee for Consumers No-Fault” (undated); “A history of No-Fault, Fault and No-Fault” (undated); Summary on State Experience with No-Fault Insurance by the U.S. Department of Transportation (June 1977); Provisions of State “no-Fault” Laws (undated); correspondence and memoranda, news clippings
  • U. S. House of Representatives Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce Mark-Up – House Floor Counts (1978) – correspondence, memoranda, floor counts.
  • No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Legislation Comparison of HR 6601 and 5149 (undated)
  • Cost and Value Summary – Effect of Enactment of National Standards in H.R. 9650 (undated)
  • Cost Data & Analysis of Bills – working materials, correspondence, memoranda
  • First All Industry Research Advisory Committee (AIRAC) Study 1979
  • Ford and National Auto Dealers Association – correspondence, notes.
  • H.R. 6601 Criticism and Possible Changes (1977)
  • HR 13048 Briefing Book
  • Impact on the Poor Congressional Research Service – “Automobile Insurance and Low Income Drivers, A Report prepared for the Honorable Ralph Metcalfe (24 August 1977); “Resolutions Adopted at the 5th Annual National Convention of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists,” Cleveland, OH (30 September 1976; Memorandum re S. 1381, Uninsured Motorists, and the Poor, draft (5 April 1978)
  • Judicial Conference on Impact on Federal Acts (1975)
  • Kemper Insurance Companies, Prudential, Nationwide Insurance Support (1976) [to No-Fault Insurance] – correspondence, memoranda, printed materials.
  • Library of Congress CRF Materials (1978) – Insurance Information Institute Fact Sheet; Fifty-State Survey on Contributory and Comparative Negligence; Kathleen E. Shea, “No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Brief Number IB73022” (undated); State Guest Suit Law and Minimum Financial Responsibility Limits; “No-Fault Vehicle Insurance: A Survey of the Liability System; CRS, “Criticisms of that System; and the No-Fault Alternative” (1975)
  • Major Provision of H.R. 6001 (Moss) 1977 - Major Provisions of H.R. 6601 Standards for No-fault Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits Act 
  • Medical Costs Controls and NF Benefits – No-Fault Health Data – correspondence and printed materials (1977)
  • Memoranda 1977, State hearing findings – memoranda and printed materials.
  • Memos VanDeerlin, 1978 Loss, Voluntary No-Fault – Memoranda re defeat of no-fault in Congress.
  • MI N-F Experience [Michigan No-Fault Experience] – “Three Years if Experience with No-Fault Automobile Insurance in Michigan” (undated); testimony of Elmer P. Simon on behalf of the Michigan Association of Insurance Companies on Michigan and Federal no-Fault Insurance (3 June 1977); Changing Times The Kiplinger Magazine, “No-Fault Car Insurance Works in Michigan,” August 1979; No-Fault Insurance After Three Years A Report to the Governor (1976); Robert H. Rowe (Michigan Insurance Department) Speech for the Insurance/Finance Conference of the Cooperative League in Montreal (29 June 1976); memoranda.
  • Miscellaneous Costs Reports Binder 2 – Allstate, State Farm Data; Broyhill Memo; Comparison of H.R. 5149; Criticisms and Replies; Death Ratio-Cost Data; Fast Track Data: Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York; Keeton- O’Connell AIA Report of Special Committee to Study and Evaluate the Keeton-O’Connell Basic Protection Plan and Automobile Accident Reparations; Michigan Auto Insurance Survey conducted by Kemper Insurance Companies (January 1978);   Robert Krueger, “The Faults of No Fault Insurance” (1978); Wilbur C. Leatherberry, “No-Fault Automobile Insurance: Will the Poor Pay More Again?” 26 Case Western Reserve L Rev 1976; low income drivers notes; No-Fault Premium Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York; Blue Cross Association: A Policy Analysis of the Health care Coverage Primacy Issue Under No-Fault Insurance (18 October 1977); State Farm Cost Data 1975-1977; Summaries; University of Texas Study Summary (undated)
  • Miscellaneous Reports: ABA Report (ca. 1975); Congressional Budget Office Cost Estimate (4 April 1978); Auto Liability Insurance Costs (1978); Court Decisions list (1974-1976); report on the consumer attitudes regarding Michigan no-fault automobile insurance (10 Apr. 1978); No Fault Cost Estimates; Oregon Loss Experience Under “no-Fault” (1978); Summary of the Presley Study of Michigan and Colorado (1978); State Tally- Governors Conference Vote on No-Fault (1977); Summary A: Summary of Michigan Insurance Bureau Report (10 April 1978); Summary A.1: Summary and Analysis of ABA Report on Automobile No-Fault, draft (12 April 1978); Summary A.2: Presley Summary of study of the study of no-fault automobile insurance systems in Colorado and Michigan ( 5 April 1978); Summary B.1: Michigan Insurance Bureau Report (10 April 1978); Summary B.2: American Bar Association (undated); Summary B.3: Actuarial Analysis of Michigan and Colorado No-Fault Laws by Phillip O. Presley; Summary C: Presley Study on N-Fault (undated)
  • Murray Bloom and other arts on trial lawyers –articles (1977)
  • National Auto Policy No-Fault and Airbags – Automobile Insurance Today [costs] (1977); Address by Bob Eckhardt before the Fifth International Congress on Automotive Safety, “Motor Vehicle Goals Beyond 1980 From the Standpoint of the Commercial User” (11 July 1977)
  • NHTSA Fatal and Injury Accident Rates on Federal-Aid and other Highway Systems (1973)
  • No-Fault Amendments (1978) – proposed amendments. Correspondence, memoranda, drafts.
  • No-Fault Dear Colleague letter (1 April 1977); also lists of members to be solicited for co-sponsorship of the no-fault bill; “Why No-Fault and What No-Fault” letter (1977)
  • No-Fault H.R. 13048; Memorandum on Background on H.R. 9650, the National Standards for No-fault Benefits Act; Daniel Etsy No-Fault Automobile Insurance in Theory and Practice (8 January 1979); statement by Tom Downs of Lansing, Michigan to the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Finance (17 June 1975); DOT HS 800 600, Alcohol and Highway Safety: Behavioral and Medical Aspects, Project ABETS, Department of Psychology, University of Vermont Summary Report (September 1971); statement of William T. Coleman Jr., Secretary of Transportation  before the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Finance (17 June 1975)
  • No-Fault Auto – Esther Peterson (undated)
  • No-Fault Auto Press Release (1977); also Rachel Flick, “Using hardball politics and cold cash, aggressive lawyers are battling the country’s best idea in auto coverage; Why Lawyers Hate No-Fault, Reader’s Digest, March 1990)
  • No-Fault Auto – Prudential. Correspondence, press release; “The Illusion of No-Fault“ an address by Donald S. MacNaughton, CEO, The Prudential Insurance Company of America, Second Annual Federal Court, Federal Bar Association District of New Jersey Conference (22 October 1976); “Liability law and the Insurance Company”, speech by Robert A. Beck, CLU, The Prudential Company of America at the Bar Association Meeting (Insurance Section), Atlanta, GA (9 August 1976)
  •  No-Fault Background Summary – Summaries for members of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Finance of the Committee of Interstate and Foreign Commerce: “The need for basic standards for no-fault automobile insurance – deficiencies in the automobile tort liability insurance system” (1978); printed materials; Motor Vehicle Crash Losses and Their Compensation (undated and 1975);
  • No-Fault Bills – H.R. 13048, 95th Cong. (1978); H.R. 9650, 94th Cong. (1975); H.R. 6601, 95th Cong. (1977)
  • No-Fault Conflict Law – P. John Kozyris, “No-Fault Insurance and the Conflict of Law – An Interim Update” 1973 Duke Law J. (1009)
  • No-Fault Congress – Correspondence (1977-1978)
  • No-Fault Correspondence – Choice (1977-1978)
  • No-Fault DSG Letter (5 June 1978)
  • No-Fault Good Morning America – Transcript of 29 July 1977 which discussed no-fault auto insurance on “Face-Off”: “Should no fault auto insurance be required nationwide?”
  • No-Fault 1976 Democratic Platform – “Democratic Platform: ‘A contract with the People,” Washington, Democratic Platform Committee, 1976
  • No-Fault State General (Reagan) – correspondence, memoranda, printed materials (1974-1979)
  • O’Connell Choice Articles (1986) – Miscellaneous No-Fault articles and reports
  • Questions for American Trial Lawyers
  • Reagan and other Republicans support – correspondence (1978)
  • Rehabilitation – correspondence, memoranda and printed materials re rehabilitation and catastrophic expensive medical care (1975)
  • Rep Bob Eckhardt (D-TX) Speeches for the Insurance Information Institute (2 September 1977), CATRALA [Car and Truck Renting and Leasing Association] Dinner (11 October 1977), Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California (16 December 1977); Comments before The Conference of State Insurance Legislators (undated); article for the American Bar Association (July 1977)
  • S. 1381 [National Standards No-Fault Bill] – S. 1381, 95th Cong. 1978. Correspondence, memoranda, report and bill, news clippings
  • Section by section analysis of H.R. 9650 – background documents, Congressional Record H8789 (September 1975); Amendments to H.R. 6601
  • Section by section rationale of H.R. 9650 (undated)
  • Section by section analysis of H.R. 13048 – some correspondence and drafts
  • State Farm and Allstate Cost Estimates [1975, 1977]
  • State v. Federal – memoranda, correspondence, news clippings re [conflict between state and federal tort law]
  • Studies, Hearings and Havens Legislative History – Sarah Havens, “A Legislative History of No-Fault Insurance” (undated) and list of studies re no-fault insurance cost savings. [No hearings information]
  • Studies: An Evaluation of No-Fault Automobile Insurance Costs prepared by Conning & Company for the American Insurance Association, November 1977; An Evaluation of No-Fault Automobile Insurance Costs prepared by Conning & Company for the American Insurance Association, November 1978; George J. Siedel III, “The Constitutionality of No-Fault Insurance: The Courts Speak” 26 Drake L Rev. No. 4, 1976-1977; DOT, State No-Fault Automobile Insurance Experience 1971-1977, Short Summary; Cost Estimate Study of No-Fault Automobile Insurance (Variations on S. 354 prepared for the Federal department of Transportation, Study Conducted by Milliman & Robertson, Pasadena, California, November 7, 1973; State No-Fault Hearings (1978); Summary A: An Interpretation of State No-Fault Cost Experience and Its Implications for the “Standards for No-Fault Motor Vehicle Accident Benefits Act” (30 January 1978); Summary B: Study of Relative Loss Costs Under the No-Fault Mixed Results (undated)
  • Truck and Commercial Vehicles: Transportation Association of America, “Whose Fault Under No Fault? Should trucks and buses pay higher costs under no-fault highway insurance? The record show no basis for such discrimination” (1975)
  • UMVARA [Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Reparation Act] Model State Law (undated)
  • United Transportation Union – Opposition [to No-Fault]. Includes statements of James R. Snyder, National Legislative Director of the United Transportation Union on H.R. 6601, H.R. 2300 and Other Related Bills, “Requiring No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance as a Condition Precedent to Using a Motor Vehicle on Public Roadways” (17 June 1977) and Requiring No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance as a Condition Precedent to Using a Motor Vehicle on Public Roadways” to be placed in the Hearing Record (17-19 June 1975); correspondence and memorandum.
  • US DOT Study – DOT P 30-84-20, Compensating Auto Accident Victims, A Follow-up Report on No-Fault Auto Insurance Experiences, May 1985; DOT P 6100.2, State No-Fault Automobile Insurance Experience 1971-1977, June 1977.
  • Van Deerlin [Lionel Van Deerlin (D-CA)] Press – correspondence re press questions and answers related to the no-fault bill (1975)
  • Washington, D.C. No-Fault – correspondence, memoranda and newspaper clippings


Printed Materials

AICPCU, Paying for Auto Injuries: A Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims, Insurance Research Council, August 2004

AICPCU, Fraud and Buildup in Auto Injury Insurance Claims, Insurance Research Council, December 2004

AICPCU, Analysis of Auto Injury Insurance Claims from Two Choices States: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Insurance Research Council, October 2005

AICPCU, Fraud and Buildup in California Auto Insurance Claims, Insurance Research Council, December 2005

AICPCU, Florida Auto Injury Insurance Claim Environment 2006 Report, Insurance Research Council, February 2006

AICPCU, Trends in Auto Injury Claims, Insurance Research Council, January 2008

AICPCU, Auto Injury Insurance Claims: Countrywide Patterns in Treatment, Cost, and Compensation, Insurance Research Council, January 2008

AICPCU, Hospital Costs Shifting and Auto Injury Insurance Claims, Insurance Research Council, February 2010

Jeffrey O’Connell, Peter Kinzler, and Dan Miller, “No-Fault Insurance at 40: Dusting Off an Old Idea to Help Consumers Save Money in an Age of Austerity, NAMIC, Issue Analysis, December 2011

Kinzler, Peter and Jeffrey O’Connell, “More for less under Auto Choice: fewer dollars for lawyers, fraud, pain and suffering and insurance companies mean lower premiums and Better Compensation for Motorists,” reprinted form Lascher, The Economics and Politics of the Choice of No-Fault (2001

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