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Title: Miscellaneous Documents from Circuit Court of Nelson County, 1869-1898
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Collection Description & Arrangement

These documents were found in an old law book and were received the 6 of March of 1979.  There is no documentation of provenance.  The collection consists of 12 items.  Ten documents are receipts in settlement of a case, Ewers vs. Ewers; the other two are a deed and a drawing of a plot of land of Jos. M. Dillard to Taliaferro & Loving Co.

Acquisition Information

Date Received 1979
Donor Information Unknown provenance

Content List

Folder 1: 1874-1880; Ewers vs. Ewers.

1. Receipt.  “Recd 10 Aug.t 1874 of T. P. Fitzpatrick Three hundred dollars on acct of money collected by him from Mr. Wm. Cabell recr. in the case of Ewers &c vs. Ewers &c it being an on acct of money due from the estate of Thos [illegible] Ewers to my wife & children for whom I am trustee. James C. Johnson.”  [There are other notes: with dates 28th July 1874 and 13th February 1875.

2. Receipt.  "Red. Feb 13d 1875 of Thos. P. Fitzpatrick for the children of S. R. Ewers for whom I am Guardian the sum of one hundred & twenty three dollars x fifty four cents on the acct of their interest in the estate of their grandfather Thos Ewers which I[illegible] was paid to the said Fitzpatrick as their Counsel in the case of Ewers & Ewers by William Cabell one of the [illegible] in said  case.  James C. Johnson.”

3. Receipt.  “Recd. of Thos. P. Fitzpatrick one hundred and fifty Dollars collected by him of Wm. M. Cabell Receiver in the Case of Ewers vs. Ewers for use as Trustee for my wife & children. Nov. 26th 1879.  James C. Johnson.”

4. Note. “Dec 31st, 79.  Thos P. Fitzpatrick Esq. Arrington Depot Nelson Co Va.  Dear Sir Pleasepay to Robt Stiles Esqr my counsel, any funds which may come into your hands for Mr James C. Johnson Trustee [illegible] Susan F. Johnson and Children.  Dear Sir- I cannot exaggerate the importance of a little money to the Johnson’s just now.  If Mr. Cabell has paid or will pay anything can you not send it to me.  Mr Payne note he was too unwell to see you. Yrs truly.  Robt Stiles.”

5. Recipt. “Recd. of T. P. Fitzpatrick one hundred and fifty Dollars Collected by him of Wm Cabell [illegible] in the case of Ewers against Ewers &c. in the circuit court of Nelson County. On account of money due me as a trustee, for my wife & children in said Cause.. this 22d January 1880.”

6. Check. “First National Bank of Lynchburg check “Pay to J. P. [illegible] one thousand dollars. Thos. P. Fitzpatrick”.

7.  Receipt.  “First National Bank, Lynchburg, Va., 4/8 1880.  Yours of the …. Inst., with stated enclosure received…  1.199.23.  You are right in keeping only one a/c for your matters & we charged for the consideration that prompts it.  Allen W. Talley, cashier.

8. Receipt. “Received of Thos. P. Fitzpatrick Receiver in the case of Yarborough for Ac vs Ewers & others, the sum of Seven hundred and Sixty dollars and Seventy seven Cents ($760.77) with interest thereon from the 26th day of March 1880 [illegible] $3.80, which two sums amount to $764.57 – also received from him #3.75 on fourth of an order of publication of the $15,, omitted in taxing the costs of Ewers & Ewers and whish is properly chargeable on each one of the children of Thos. Ewers decd- each one paying one fourth,  The above sum is in full of the sum decreed to Wm M. Cabell as due him by Martha Ewers & children at the March term 1880 in the Causes aforesaid.  Wm Cabell, apr 26th 1880.”

9. Receipt. “T. P. Fitzpatrick Receiver in Yarborough for Ac vs Ewers- Judgment Circuit Court of Nelson in favor of  Cabell & Spencer Commrs vs Horsley & John Horsley.- May Term 1875 …” [List of costs from 1875 to 1880]. “Receive in case of Ewers & Ewers of Wm. M. Cabell $777.91  less $3.75 part of an order of publication chargeable on Susan Frances Ewers & her children.  Paid to Wm M Cabell on account of Martha Ewers & children $764.57 – also #3.75 part of an order of publication omitted properly chargeable on Mrs Martha Ewers & children.

10. Statement.  "Statement of amount on to Susan F. Johnson & Children in Case of Ewers vs. Ewers...; Apr. 26th 1880." 


Folder 2:  [1865-1886]; Jos. M. Dillard to Taliaferro & Loving Deed and plot of land document.

1. E. D. Kidd, Clerk Nelson County Court, Lovingston, Va., ……189..  Deed from Jos M. Dillard to Taliaferro & Loving. [Draft of deed].

2. Jos. M. Dillard & wife to O. A. & M. R. R. Co. [drawing of plot of land].


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