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Accession MSS 79-8
Collection The Papers of John B. Minor 1845-1893

The Papers of John B. Minor, a professor at the Law School for over 50 years, include lectures and other teaching materials, correspondence, clippings and other printed matter, legal documents, an appraisal of slaves, a commonplace book, and a recipe for making indelible ink.

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Inaugural Lecture: "Gentlemen of the School of Law..."
Letter from D. Appleton to John B. Minor
Lists of Books
Newspaper Clippings; advertisement for law books
Legal Cases with Minor's Comments, Probably Used In His Teaching
Resolution [by the Board of Visitors] to hire James P. Holcombe, Adjunct Professor of Law
Printed Sheet Describing Course of Law as Taught by J.B. Minor and J.P. Holcombe; includes reading material lists and living expenses, tuition, etc. costs
"Proposed Law Course, with Estimate of Time Allowed to Each Subject"
Draft of Letter in Minor's Hand; Addressee Unknown
Draft of Letter in Minor's Hand; Addressee Unknown (2)
Appraisal of Slaves for the Estate of C. Minor upon the Request of Franklin and John B. Minor
Bill and Receipt for the Albermarle Committee for the Wounded
Draft of Letter by Minor to his Former Classmate, Edward Stanton, Secretary of War
Amnesty Oath Sworn by John B. Minor
"Some Considerations Tending to Show the Propriety and Necessity of the Continued Support of the University of Virginia by the State"
Charles L. Mosby to Governor F. H. Pierpont, recommending Minor for a Judgeship
Correspondence Notes, Brochures, Etc. re Cultivation of Grapes for Wine
E.R. Watson to J.B. Minor with Minor's Comments on the Back
Copy of and Correspondence and Notes Regarding Maria A. Wise's Will
Review of Minor's Institutes of Common and Statute Law, Vol. I., 2nd ed. and Vol. II, from The Central Law Journal
Baker, Voorhis and Co. to John B. Minor
? Flannagan to John B. Minor
[John B. Minor] to Mr. McGowan
Draft of a Letter to Stephen O. Southall
Letter from Raleigh Colston to JBM re Mosby Letter of Apr. 25, 1866
John B. Minor to A.T. Browning, with receipt and envelope
John B. Minor to John Manning, with note to "Dear Judge" from Manning
Statement for the Faculty of Minor's thoughts re the YMCA vis a vis the University's Chapel
Recipe for "Indelible Black Wrighting Ink"
Lists of Cases
Page (from a copybook, presumably) on which are copied two passages about religion
Copy of a poem or ballad sent to Minor
"Plan of Battles of Chancellorsville from Thursday April 30 to Monday May 4, 1863"
"Topics of Enquiry Suggested by Dr. Geo. Potts of N. York in a Letter addressed to Dr. McGaffey touching the University of Virginia"
Drafts of 3 Letters of Recommendation of Former Students
"A bill has been presented to both branches of the General Assembly..."
"Topics for the Board [of Visitors?]"
"Liability of Transferor of Negotiable Paper Without Endorsement, Case Stated by Chas. M. Blackford, Esq. of Lynchburg, Nov. 5, 1857"
"The idea expressed in the extract from the Staunton spectator..."
Handwritten Notes on Cases; found in Commonplace Book